Entrepreneur profiles serve many pivotal roles. Other than just making known some of the hard hitters out there they are meant to inspire you. The Zimbabwean context is ridden with so much negativity and an it-cannot-be-done mindset. Through these profiles, the aim is to annihilate those limiting elements. In this article I profile George “Billionaire” Munengwa; probably have heard about him, or maybe not. He is an entrepreneur, a distinguished speaker, a business growth consultant, brand influencer, and a mentor. He considers himself an ambitious, passionate and self-motivated entrepreneur whose goal and purpose is to leave a mark of his existence on this earth.

We should not have microwave solutions to problems, but we need to be patient and look for long term solutions.” – George Munengwa

Who Is George Munengwa?

George Munengwa was born on December 12 in 1983. He is the CEO & Founder of Proverbs Investments. The name most probably stems from his love for the Bible scripture Proverbs 3:5 which says, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding”. He also the Founder & Managing Director Of ProAir Zimbabwe. He is a Board Member of Spidex Media. He is a young man with an interesting background. Did you know that he once did trials at Dynamos Football Club? Yeah, he once wanted to be a professional soccer player.

Academic Background

George Munengwa used to be so into soccer that he found himself failing his Ordinary Level exams. Later on, he would pursue the subjects he had failed, supplemented, and ultimately passed them. Afterwards, he did a couple of miscellaneous jobs e.g. a job at an internet café, in a clothing outlet, amongst others. As he was doing all these jobs he was academically studying Marketing. Later on, in 2011, he would work at a company that specialized in air conditioning and refrigeration – that is from where the inspiration to start his own similar company came. Roughly a year later that is when he launched ProAir Zimbabwe.

Professional Experience

He has been the Chief Marketing Guru at Proverbs Investments Pvt Ltd since March of 2015. He also has been the Managing Director at ProAir Zimbabwe which specializes in air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation. He has been holding that position since April of 2012. Actually, he founded ProAir in 2012. To note is that he had been doing marketing for some other similar company before founding ProAir. He was a Sales and Marketing Specialist at The Paint People Zimbabwe from February 2005 to June 2007.

Notable Accomplishments


George Munengwa was one of the Megafest Top 20 Men in Business in 2019. In 2019 he was named the Top Outstanding Young Person in Zimbabwe by JCI Zimbabwe. He was also named the Outstanding Man in Business by Ruth Pasi Foundation in 2019.

He received a Zimbabwe Business Award in 2018. The Harare Province awarded him with the Children’s Welfare Support Award under its CSR Awards in 2017. He also received the Outstanding Entrepreneurial Leader Award (First Runner-up) by Megafest Leadership Awards in 2016. In 2016 he received a Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce award – Young Entrepreneur of the Year Second Runner-up.

In 2016 he was listed as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Leaders Under 40. In 2015 the Institute of Directors named him the Director of the Year – SMEs segment. In 2015 he got a Zimbabwe Leadership Award – Top Emerging Businessman of the Year. He was also named the Top Business Leader of the Year the same year. In 2012 he received the Victors Awards’ Upcoming Entrepreneur Award. You can clearly see how his journey has been one of perpetual growth over the past few years.


In 2015 ProAir was named the Zimbabwe Leadership Awards Top Leadership Excellence Air Conditioning Company of the Year. In the same year, it was named the Zimbabwe Business Awards Top Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Company of the Year. In 2017 Megafest Business Awards named ProAir the Most Consistent Organization of the Year.

One of the instructive things George Munengwa has ever said is something all businesspersons out there should emulate. He once said that “With the fundamentals that I learnt from school, I appreciated that good business ethics are crucial in growing business. That has been my mainstay when conducting business and it has really helped me to widen my clientele base.” I could not have put it better; that is really the essence of conducting a wholesome business.

You can connect with George Billionaire Munengwa on Instagram or his mobile +263 772 923 187. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares some inspirational video clips. His advice for 2021 is that you must be very watchful of your association. “No matter how many times a snake sheds its skin; it will always be a snake. Remember that before allowing people back into your life.”