The number of social influencers in Zimbabwe continues to rise. Thanks to social media it is now easier for virtually anyone to create and propagate content. The pandemic somewhat played a role in that surge due to increased internet usage. Before 2019 many people were relatively obscure but are now household names. Most of them now have full-time careers creating content that draws advertisers. However, most social influencers still need lots of support to monetize their endeavours. As much as more people are now online, building a significant following is still takes time, resources, and effort.

Social Influencers In Zimbabwe Still Struggle To Monetize Their Content

The reality is that most social influencers still struggle in this regard. The platforms they are on require one to reach certain thresholds in order to become eligible for monetization. They once one surpasses that threshold it becomes a views game. Amassing notable views on social media still is a huge task for many social influencers.

YouTube which is significant in terms of monetization is not that easy to conquer in Zimbabwe. Most of the best content out of Zimbabwe fails to garner the kind of views that bring in significant money. I might have to do an article on the dynamics of monetization on YouTube soon. It will help you appreciate some of the important aspects regarding making money through YouTube. Anyways, it would be vital for us to have our own platforms. That way we can control narrative and dynamics of monetization. This is where Gateway Stream comes in.

Gateway Stream Unveils Monetization Initiative For Social Influencers

Gateway Stream is the leading Zimbabwean online booking platform for tourism, leisure, and hospitality services, amongst many others. They also sell a wide array of products ranging from clothing, to groceries, hardware plus many more. They also have Gateway Stream Music which is a digital music streaming platform.

On the 2nd of December, Gateway Stream announced that social influencers would now be able to monetize their content through the platform. They also indicated that social influencers would now be able to give their followers special discounts on some of the services Gateway Stream offers. These are services like bookings for accommodation, events, food purchases, and more.

How Social Influencers Will Access This Facility

A social influencer will register and get an account on Gateway Stream. Upon getting an account they will also get a promo code. What this means is that the social influencer will use their influence to advertise and sell products and services on Gateway Stream. When their followers find a product or service they want they will use the social influencer’s promo code. Once someone completes their purchase, they will get a discount, whilst the commission will be credited to the social influencer’s account.

That is a basic business model and it really is a win-win. More sales for Gateway Stream mean more earnings for the social influencers and more savings for the consumers. In due course Gateway Stream will introduce a feature where the social influencers will be able to sell their own products or services on the platform.

This is a worthy initiative that Zimbabwean social influencers should jump onto. The framework really leverages on one’s social influence. It is in essence about how enterprising one is in converting traffic into customers. Presently above 30 social influencers have signed up and more are encouraged to come on board. If you have the numbers you should not miss out on this potentially lucrative facility. It is refreshing to see the digital economy steadily gaining traction in Zimbabwe.