It first emerged on the 6th of December that ZBC had or was launching 20 new channels. These channels would include content such as 24-hour news, music, and also radio channels. Turns out someone had discovered it by scanning for channels. They found out that 20 channels had been added to the Zimbabwe Digital Terrestrial Transmission signal. This information is based on a tweet that was tweeted by Brian Matamba on the 5th of December. So does this mean that you can now find 20 additional ZBC channels? Well, it is not as black and white as you think, let us discuss it further.

Takes Some Special Circumstances To Access Them

So in response to Brian Matamba’s tweet, someone asked how he had scanned for the channels. He responded by pointing out that you would need to have a particular kind of TV rotating antenna. The antenna in question is the Super Sonett TV Antenna SNA-950TG. It is an outdoor antenna and might not necessarily be easy to come by. He said that the common or basic ones would not pick up the channels. He also highlighted that your TV must be a smart TV capable of Digital Terrestrial signal reception. That antenna can of course allow any TV to receive the transmission but not all TVs have built-in capability to decode the signal.

Can You Access Them On Satellite Television?

The transmission type, on which these 20 channels are, at first glance, is the Digital Terrestrial Transmission. That is why you need a special kind of outdoor antenna to access them. This varies greatly from Direct To Home transmission where the channels are accessible via satellite TV. Interestingly, it turns out that a 24-hour ZBC News channel is now available on Eutelsat 7B. This may suggest that the other channels are yet to be licensed to be available on satellite TV. To be honest most of what is or could be happening is largely left to speculation.

No Official Announcements Have Been Made

It is interesting to note that ZBC has not made any official statement regarding this matter. The big question remains did or has ZBC launched 20 new channels? If so, how and where are they accessible? I am assuming that maybe it is all still work in progress. Probably that is why they have not yet made an official statement. It would be great to know exactly what is happening or what we can expect in due course.

ZBC still has a long way to go in restoring Zimbabweans’ confidence in their brand. Over the years, there has been a mass exodus to other platforms for engaging content. DSTV programming is more preferable to ZBC programming amongst the majority of Zimbabweans. You also find that more and more people now prefer social media platforms like YouTube for content. This has all created a high standard that will be an uphill task for ZBC to match or exceed. I believe ZBC can reinvent itself. There is lots of home-grown content that is making waves regionally and globally on other platforms. Thus it is evident it is not an issue of lack of Zimbabwean content. It is a lack of proper management in providing platforms that offer symbiotic ecosystems for content creators.