There has been ever-increasing infrastructural development in Zimbabwe in these past couple of years. Governmental infrastructural development, mining development, and home construction have been booming. If you look across Zimbabwe you will notice that the construction of houses and buildings is now widespread. This has sharply increased the demand for building materials and various types of hardware. Interestingly, this has all been majorly fuelled by 3 variables namely, diaspora remittances, bank lending, and informal trading.

It is not surprising that the number of construction companies operating in Zimbabwe has shot up. Some of the big names that have been benefiting from this construction boom are PPC Zimbabwe, Masimba, and Barzem, amongst others. Today I am introducing you to a unique company operating in this construction space. It is unique in that it uses a different approach by tapping into the digital economy via eCommerce. This company is called Vaka.

Who Is Vaka?

Vaka is an online hardware and home improvement marketplace, that helps customers build great homes conveniently and reliably. Any Zimbabwean in or outside Zimbabwe can purchase their building materials online through Vaka. Their operational locations are Zimbabwe, the USA, South Africa, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Its vision is to become the number one online provider of quality building materials and to build nations through construction.

Vaka’s mission is to provide a world-class online-based sales platform for construction material and hardware supplies. Their thrust is to build Zimbabwe and Africa through world-class buildings. Most importantly, their mission is to serve with character and purpose that brings honour to their Christian faith.

How It All Works

You can go to their website and register to have an account. That account will give you access to shopping carts, wish lists, checkouts, and order history, amongst others. When looking to purchase something all you will need to do is to check out their catalogue, choose what you want, make payment, and delivery is done. Payment options are PayPal, PayNow, Bank Transfers, or Card Payments. You can pay in US dollars, British pounds, or Zimbabwean dollars.

There is also an option to request one of Vaka’s Customer Relationship Managers to visit you at your home or workplace. Then you can have a sit-down and lay out your needs. They pride themselves as a hardware outlet that comes to you – they source, you pay, they deliver.

Vaka’s Product And Service Range

The product range comprises bricks, cement, ceramics, roofing, timber, IBRs, roofing nails, glazing, sands, stones, paints, floor tiling, wall tiling, security and steel, plumbing, and electrical, doors, windows, fittings, and fastenings. Comprehensive product range!

Their service range includes:

Bulk Water Delivery

Hearty Construction

Solar Systems

Rawson Properties

House Plans


Truck Hire

Borehole Drilling

They also do property listings of the following:

Holiday Homes

Houses For Sale

Stands For Sale

Rawson Properties

National Building Society

Vaka is an example of a new-age construction company using the eCommerce model. After all, operating online as a brand is the future. I believe that endows them with a unique value proposition most construction companies lack. The service of availing staff that can physically meet potential clients for consultations is also unique and convenient.

You can check out the website or web app here. There you will find more comprehensive details on payments, returns, privacy, frequently asked questions, delivery information, and terms and conditions. You can also subscribe to their newsletter through which you can get the latest news, updates, offers, and deals. Their contact numbers are +263 778 335 057 (Zimbabwe), +44 785 894 6317 (United Kingdom), and +2768 041 1287 (South Africa). They are also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.