Most of you know Astro Mobile of which the name behind that is Muyaradzi Gwatidzo. He has been very instrumental in bringing cutting edge technologies to Zimbabwe. Coming from humble beginnings of just selling and fixing phones he has really come a long way. Recently he unveiled another interesting startup called Eshagi. That is going to be the focus of this article. For those of you familiar with the colloquial ‘shagi’ you can somehow guess that this has to do with money. Specifically electronic money services, that is what Eshagi is all about.

What Is Eshagi?

Eshagi’s mission is to pioneer Fin-Tech (financial technology) innovation through localized creativity. Their vision is driven by the quest to deliver quality and authenticity. Ideally, they thrive to produce excellence that exceeds customer expectations. This is buttressed by the value they place on originality and uniqueness. When talking about Eshagi we are dealing with loans with quick approval. You can get customized loans based on the amount in question. In short, Eshagi provides online instant cash loans.

Services Offered

They offer 4 key services namely, loans, product financing, insurance, bill payments, e-commerce, and marketing. You can apply for a loan without having to visit a bank. Product financing is a service they offer through their merchant platform where you can reach a wide pool of prospective customers. You can buy insurance to protect a wide range of your assets. You can also pay your bills from anywhere. They offer online selling methods which people can use to buy and sell. People can use their fintech solution to market their products or services.

Registering As A Client

If you want to be an Eshagi client you can register on their website. You will be required to enter a series of details such as your name (along with the basic personal details), gross salary, and net salary, amongst other details.

How Eshagi Works

Loan application takes 6 simple steps. One, you find the nearest Eshagi agent. Such agents can be found anywhere all over the country. Two, you will then have to submit your relevant personal details to the agent. There are 3 key customer documents required namely, a valid national ID, your current payslip and a valid proof of residence. The third step will involve document validation. This entails agents capturing and verifying the data from the submitted documents. The fourth step will culminate in the determination of an applicant’s approval status. In the event that the documents have been validated, an approval status will be sent to the agent’s phone. You will then have to wait to receive notification of your document validation so that you activate your account – that is step 5. When all these steps have been successfully covered, you are now eligible to apply for any loan.

Value Proposition

Eshagi prides itself in its ability to offer a number of benefits. One of them is reduced turnaround time which occurs in 3 ways namely, reduced customer registration time, short approval period and reduced payback periods. The other benefit is a faster time to market. This is by virtue of their solution being the first to be deployed to market. It solves most problems with building the customer base. There is also reduced manual intervention. This is because digitization speeds up all processes, there are reduced amounts of paperwork and increased accuracy.

Support Services Or Framework

They also have several support services that feed into their value proposition. All their services and products are offered in accordance with laid down standards and customer expectations. Conditions of payments, when agreed on, are adhered to. All accounts data is secured through encryption and constant monitoring – in line with industry standards. There is a robust sales support structure.

Eshagi’s Retail Partners

They have several retail partners that they work with. They are Teecherz, Spar, Gain, OK Zimbabwe, and NRG.

Contact Details

You can get in touch with them by email at The physical address for their office is 31 Watermeyer Drive, Belvedere, Harare. You can always get more details on their website. You can also download mobile apps from app stores. There are 3 diversified Eshagi mobile apps available for download from the app stores.

Fintech is definitely one of the most rapidly growing industries in Zimbabwe. It is no wonder why Eshagi has come onto the scene. So kindly go check it out – your financing and several other related issues might just come to an end with Eshagi.