Who does not want some pleasure or delight – every one of us does, I am sure. Despite whatever circumstances may be prevailing entertainment is needed. Entertainment entails 4 core domains namely, film, TV, radio and print. Due to evolutions in the technological sphere, the internet and social media have become huge domains for entertainment. Anyways, in this article, I want to discuss entertainment business ideas for Zimbabwe. I am just looking at it holistically i.e. these business ideas can be considered for now and post-COVID19.

Events Management

Events will always be held no matter what time it is. Events can be online or onsite; it does not matter because certain things are always needed. The planning and rolling out of an event is not something everyone can do. Events vary in terms of their nature but most events require the entertainment side of things. Some events are even exclusively entertainment events. You can start a business where you take the stress off event organizers by doing the organizing and management for them. Since events vary in nature here you will be niching on the entertainment segment.

Audio-Visual Equipment Hire

There are so many types of equipment under this cluster. There is no entertainment to speak of when equipment like this is not there. What I have noticed is that most people do not have such equipment due to many reasons. It could be the cost which when coupled with the fact that you might not always be holding big events is not worth the trouble. Thus you can set out to buy audio-visual equipment that you can hire out to people putting together entertainment events. Some of this equipment includes PA systems, cameras, HD flat screens, projectors, stages, and so on.

Music Recording Studio

I have noticed there are so many aspiring Zimbabwean musicians looking to record their songs. This is happening from the grassroots up. The other thing I have noticed is that most of these musicians struggle to find affordable or fair recording packages and even access to get their songs recorded. Then there is the issue of quality – most of the recording studios available are extremely sub-standard. All these are some of the reasons why I feel there are prospects for those that can open music recording studios. You can choose to be holistic or you can niche by location, genre, and the like.


Just like audio song production I have just touched on, there is video production. There are very few top quality video producers in Zimbabwe – just a few names come to mind. I know many people can source or already have the necessary equipment for videography. This is a great business to start because so many people are creating video-based content. This spans from music videos to skits, short films, movies, events coverage, and so on. There is so much money to be made here especially if you put together a professional business structure.

Dance Studio

It is funny how there are people out there who are sitting on an opportunity. Here is the thing; many of you are exceptional dancers. Teaching choreography is something that one can turn into a profitable business. You need not even own a venue – you can simply hire. Strategically some can use gyms as their venues if space is available. Other than fixed venues you can have a framework where you can visit clients and teach them at their homes. You could even use your own house if it is convenient.

The possibilities are endless really because the field is broad and diverse. Types of dances that can be taught can span from Zumba to ballet, ballroom, tap dancing, samba, contemporary, you name it. Some of you might know John Cole, a local Zimbabwean is known for his expertise on choreography. He makes a lot of money from directing choreography in music videos and conducting dancing classes, amongst other things. If you are interested in this field I would recommend you to hook up with him and learn a thing or two from him.

Virtual Live Shows

Currently, normal live shows are not a thing due to lockdown restrictions. This does not stop live shows from being held though. If you regularly follow social media trends you will notice that there have been many live shows held through social media. This has been made easy by how many people now spend time on social media. When holding them using social media live features it means viewers might just access for free. It then begs the question of how then is money made? You would have to employ other methods of revenue generation. For instance, you can charge anyone for ad placement during the live show. This is just one way but there are many.

These are 6 entertainment business ideas for Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean entertainment industry is laden with plenty of business opportunities. These 6 business ideas I have covered are nowhere near exhaustive but they are a good place to start if entertainment is your thing.