Online content creation has been taking Africa by storm and Zimbabwe is no exception to that trend. Over the past few years, we have seen the emergence of individuals or teams focusing on creating various types of online content. The production of skits, drama series and even short films have been steadily gaining traction locally. This is all thanks to the ever-growing use of the internet and social media which makes the propagation of content much easier. Locally you’ll agree with me that the most common genre of online content is comedy. Comedy is very strategic because of its inherent power to express complex and even sensitive societal issues in an appreciable manner. This past week I managed to link up with Naiza Boom Films. If you’re an ardent user of Facebook or YouTube then you most probably have come across some of their hilarious video productions. Herein is the conversation that I had with them.

Q: Kindly tell us who Naiza Boom Films is, including your goals and objectives.

A: Naiza Boom born Michael Machiona is a Cinematographer who hails from a ghetto called Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Naiza Boom Films is a media company that mainly focuses on entertainment and marketing. Our main goal is to have the company flourishing through expansion into some parts of Southern Africa. Our 2 main objectives are to operate the business in accordance with principles of good corporate governance and to commit ourselves to corporate social responsibility through supporting fellow Zimbabweans to lead better lives.

Q: When and how did Naiza Boom Films Start?

A: Naiza Boom started doing music videos for upcoming musicians around 2013. We then, later on, came up with the idea of Naiza Boom Films Productions to cater for all Zimbabwean artistes, musicians, actors and so on. Things started to go well for us with Class Yemadofo, a locally produced 2018 comedy production that exploded last December. It featured a notable National FM radio presenter, Dj Shugeta and 2 dancehall artistes namely, Faceless and Angel Pee.

Shortly after the Class Yemadofo project was released we linked up with Enzo Ishall for another trending comedy skit called, Maputi e25 US, which went viral. We wasted no time in making a huge statement this year when we dropped, Bonde, a comedy skit featuring Kapfupi and Dj Shugeta.

Q: What’s your long term vision?

A: The Company’s vision is to be a leading lifestyle and entertainment provider through the development and delivery of unique and quality productions with variety and entertainment to create and fulfil the needs of our clients and audience.

Q: How and why do you come up with concepts for your videos?

A: We mainly look at the prevailing situations around the community and try to portray them into visual art for the sake of entertaining people as well as educating them.

Q: Tells us about your cast and production team.

A: The production team is comprised of Michael Machiona (Writer, Director and Editor), Frank Gamba and Talent Silas (Sound department), Brian (Production management), Mugo Mix and Kello Designs (Graphic designing), Frank Gamba (Editorial department), Shyleen Chalimba, Terrence Chirinda and Cathy Chapungu (Catering department).

The cast is made up of Terrence Chirinda (Jatiwero), Cathy Chapungu (Dhafu), Claudiey (Jedza), Yvonne Chirowa (Empress), Tatenda Mutasa (Solo), Nozihlobo Moyo (Senzeni), Donna Chasaya (Chipo) and Martha Dzirambi (Saru).

Q: Currently how do you cater for your financial and material needs required to produce your work?

A: We are currently using our personal savings and a few from corporate projects that we do.

Q: What challenges are you currently facing?

A: Lack of full-time promoters or sponsors and sufficient funds to cater for our big production projects. Also a shortage of required production equipment.

Q: What form of assistance would you need to optimize and grow your work?

A: We are looking for those companies who would like to partner with us. With a growing audience of well over 30 000 subscribers, our YouTube channel offers you a great platform to market your products and talents.

Q: For those interested in assisting you financially or materially how can they do that?

A: For those interested in helping us financially or materially feel free to contact us on our hotline: +263 717 000 737 or email us at

Q: Kindly tell us anything you feel you would want the people out there to know.

A: Firstly we would like to say to all our fans, we are here for you as you are for us and we are promising you more pleasing work. To all those who haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel and those who haven’t followed us on social media, please kindly do so in order to get our latest updates and posts.

So let’s all support local talent and help grow this Naiza Boom Films initiative. On Facebook and Instagram and YouTube. I would encourage you all to go check out their videos; it’ll be well worth your while.