Drone technology has become a common feature of literally every industry on the planet. You can even appreciate how they have revolutionized the security sector with drones being used in remote combat. There is a lot that drone technology can be used for though, aside from just warfare. Drones used to be very costly but thanks to widespread adoption, the costs are gradually taking a dive. Locally the applications of drone technology are still quite a few. In this article, I will discuss some drone-based business ideas. It can also be businesses that can leverage on drone technology.

Some Important Things To Note

In developed nations, the use of drones is so widespread and thus there are regulations to note. It is also important point out that regulation is not yet that all-encompassing. This is one of the reasons why adoption of drone technology can be quite slow. This can actually be an issue of concern locally because the regulation we have is quite vague. While it requires drones above a certain class to have licensed pilots there is no issuing authority for the licences.

The reason why I am saying is that it is important to consult the relevant authorities for guidance. There are areas of application such as videography and photography which seem easy to do without regulatory concerns. Other areas, however, can be quite tricky as authorities might cite security concerns and the like. For instance, in some countries drone use follows some laid regulations. One quick example is that a drone is not supposed to exceed a particular speed and altitude.

Key Features A Drone Must Have

Drones come with different features and functions; even the sizes vary. Regardless, there are some basic features that a drone must-have. These are things you must look for when shopping around for a drone. The need for high definition is usually imperative so it must be a 4K. Being fitted with GPS and Bluetooth functionality goes without saying. The ability to track an object must be part of its functionality. It is also important for a drone to be able to fly on autopilot. These are just some but there are several more; when shopping around you can gain more insights from sellers. Let us now go through some business ideas or businesses where drones can be used.

Videography And Photography

There are so many players active in this line business – the demand for these services is high these days. They span from simple photo or video shoots to things like film making. This is necessitated by the growing need for coverage of events and the creation of captivating content for the internet and social media. You can either start this business from scratch with a key focus on drone technology. Alternatively, provided you are already running a business, you can just acquire drones to scale your operations.


Drones can be used to do things that usually used to take time and resources. This is particularly in relation to large scale crop production. Drones provide the capability to be able to inspect large tracts of farmland aerially. This can be useful in inspecting crops for the incidence of pests, inspecting crop growth, and things like soil composition amongst others. Not only is this faster but it is also cost-effective.

Surveying And Mapping

Surveying and mapping are critical elements in fields like mining and urban planning, just to mention a few. At one point I once spoke of how we are still far behind locally in terms of live street view Google Maps. It takes the use of drones to do the mapping required to make that possible. Surveying is crucial in mining operations and doing it on the ground is time consuming and prone to errors. Using drones can bring into the mix higher accuracy, faster completion times, more area coverage and more. Another application can be the mapping of areas to produce HD maps or 3D maps which can then be sold.

Security Services

There are so many mega-events that are held from time to time; be it indoor or outdoor. Drones can be used to redefine surveillance for such events. They can also be used to monitor large properties or whole towns and cities for security purposes. Picture a scenario where drones monitor or do surveillance of a large area e.g. a residential area. There are so many things that can be noted during this namely, law violations, suspicious behaviour, looming disasters (such as fires) and so on. Thus drones can find excellent applications in security services.

Drone Hire Or Rentals

Not many people can afford drones so this line of business will come in handy. You can also couple this with drone training services i.e. offering courses on the use of drones. You can even diversify to include a service where you are called up to gather data or do any of the preceding things I mentioned.

Like I said earlier, the use of drone technology in Zimbabwe is still in its infancy. For the most part, the little activity we tend to see is in areas of videography and photography. There is yet so much more that drones can be used for locally. I believe this is a domain that carries exciting opportunities for those who are enterprising enough.