After writing about Subscription box business ideas that would be great for Zimbabwe and feeling like I only scratched the surface it seemed like a good idea to discuss some more subscription box business ideas. I’d highly recommend you read the first article as it contains some information that is critical to understanding what makes a good subscription box and what might not. Just a reminder the word box does not mean it must come in a box but captures the fact that this is a subscription to the package.

Cleaning products

Every homeowner buys them. Every household uses them. They have a predictable consumption pattern and are used like clockwork. Another great thing about cleaning products is there is no such thing as having too much of a cleaning product. So consider a package that contains dishwashing liquid, bleach, surface cleaner, scouring powder and throw in some scouring pads as a package delivered every month for your kitchen needs. There are so many applications depending on the target market. This is a sure winner, especially for detergent manufacturers.

Jewellery and Accessories

Now, this doesn’t immediately seem like an idea that could work if you are thinking of high-end jewellery unless you know how to get to that target market. This idea works great with low-end jewellery and accessories. A simple offer that combines a set number of accessories that can range from earrings, bangles, hair scrunchies, Alice bands, sunglasses and head wraps. While the idea here is very female-centric it does follow that they are large consumers of the jewellery and accessories market.


Snacking is a big pastime, perhaps one of the biggest shared by generations X, millennials, generation Z and even generation Alpha. Snack boxes are also very popular and people do develop favourite snacks over time. The beauty is the world of snacks is very wide and you can cater for sweet-toothed, savoury lovers, vegetarians, vegans and any other special interest group for their snack needs. This is something that you could do weekly, fortnightly or per month.

Healthy food

A segment of the market that often has trouble finding exactly what they want are those looking for healthy food. Now healthy food means different things to different people but for the most part, there is some convergence as to what it means. People following specific diets are a great target market. Banting, ketogenic and other diet groups would find a great deal of convenience in having their food needs available in one package that comes to them regularly. Weekly would be an idea as with most diets that are approved by nutritionists you are dealing with fresh food.


This idea sort of flips the concept. We often see Christmas hampers being sold around the festive season for hefty amounts, fair enough given the time of year and the contents of the hampers. For some perspective assuming a Christmas hamper costs US$250 spreading the cost over 10 months it would cost $25 a month which no matter who you are is more palatable than forking out the entire small fortune at once.  This idea can be applied to food hampers, alcohol hampers, meat hampers (we do love to braai during the festive season) and I’m sure many more ideas. This requires a lot of trust and is better suited as an add-on to an existing business.

While best efforts have been made to cover the terrain as much as possible I’m sure that there are minds out there that are more creative and come up with even better expressions. Whatever the case as long as the product has predictable and repetitive consumption patterns and can be packaged you are on your way to a good subscription box business idea.