Running a business in this digital age is both exciting and complex. It is no longer business as usual as so much has changed in just a short time. One of the most apparent things is that the operating environment is now highly competitive. Finding customers can be an uphill task and even worse more, retaining customers. It is ever-increasingly imperative for a business to examine how best they can retain customers. Customer loyalty used to be relatively easy to establish in yesteryears but not anymore. Customers are spoilt for choice and can easily explore other alternatives if you dissatisfy them. That why I felt I should share with you ways in which you can incentivise customers to become loyal to your brand.

Mobile Apps

Developing a mobile app for your brand can unlock tonnes of benefits for your business. You must figure out ways to encourage customers to engage with the app daily at no cost to the customer. Incorporate useful content within the app that will cause customers to see how useful it is. You can include things such as product or service offerings (stuff like special offers, discounts and so on). Consider what YouTube does for instance. They recommend videos to you thus you get hooked in on using the app. You can even add in reward-based surveys in-app that customers can take and get something. Not only will this lead to customer loyalty but it will provide you with invaluable amounts of data. This same data can then be used to understand your customers more and come up with more informed ways of keeping them hooked.

Consider Top-Tier Customers Differently

Some of the things I mentioned earlier appeal most to the lower end of the market. There is a particular demographic of customers who are not impressed by ordinary incentives such as discounts and such like. These are normally customers who are financially endowed and often the biggest spenders on your brand. You need them big time but incentivising their loyalty requires a different approach. In business you must know the term touchpoint – it refers to something that when appealed to triggers the desired response that plays out in your favour. Normally it relates to things that involve people’s emotions – things that wield sentimental value.

With that said, you must endeavour to understand your top-tier customers comprehensively. This will help you know what their touchpoints are. Why should you know them? It is because they will be your focus on incentivising customer loyalty. For instance, you might know that one of your top-tier customers religiously gets their car washed at a particular car wash regularly. You can out-of-the-blue give them a voucher to go get their car washed for free. The next time you might do something different from that and so on. This will definitely cause a customer to be so loyal to your brand. The means do not have to be expensive; it can be low-cost ones but just as long as they trigger an emotional response.

Partner With Other Brands

Some businesses have some sort of loyalty programs where customers are rewarded the more they spend on a brand. Most businesses still stick to old ways that have been around for ages. Due to the competitive nature of the operating environment, I mentioned earlier customers no longer easily fall of that. You, as a business, must come up with more witty ways to promote customer loyalty. One way is to partner with other brands. You must do this in such a way that the brands you partner with align with your brand vision and are actually complementary to the goods or services you provide.

So in your loyalty programs, you would have to introduce rewards that emanate from or are in partnership with other brands. In fact, here is the trick; you identify brands whose customer base would add value to your brand and yours to them. For example, a hair salon and a manicure business have somewhat complimentary services. You can strike partnerships in which you reward your customers’ loyalty using elements from the brand you are partnering with. You can come up with even more creative ways, I just highlighted one.

The key takeaway you must carve out of this article is that customer loyalty approaches have evolved over time – they still are evolving. It is now important to get to know your customers comprehensively. That way you will know areas you can leverage on to appeal to their touchpoints. The 3 ways I discussed in this article are just of the many ways you can incentivise customer loyalty.