Surveys have repeatedly shown that the major reason why people start their businesses is to become their boss. It is said that at least half a billion businesses are started every single month. Globally it is also interesting to note that most (well over 95 per cent) of the employed folk work for people running their businesses. Many people are starting or contemplating starting their businesses. There is so much I can talk about regarding statistics to do with small businesses. However, in this article, I just want to look at business ideas for beginners.

Errand Services

This is a simple business to start. I know quite many people who do this type of business. It is akin to being a “runner” of sorts – most of you are familiar with the term. The business entails looking for people who need certain routine tasks done or who are looking to buy certain things. You can take their orders and then you buy their items and deliver to them. This is not just limited to buying and selling stuff – it can expand to even taking people’s laundry to the dry cleaners; just an example. I have a friend, Samantha, who recently started doing an errand service business. She started it with very little money – essentially money to buy the first item someone ordered. Over time, this business can grow into a huge enterprise.

Buying And Selling

This is for any industry imaginable, from agricultural produce to airtime. The idea is to find out what is low-cost (even at no cost) to source, is highly sought after and easy to sell. Some products are all year round whilst some are seasonal. The great thing about buying and selling is that you can study what others are already doing and you perfect it.

For example, I was recently talking to someone who is doing a poultry business. Lately, they have been having challenges sourcing the number of chicks they need. To make matters worse, they regularly supply a tertiary institution in Masvingo. I then pitched to them an idea where they, instead of raising the chickens themselves they buy and sell mature chickens. My point here is buying and selling can be an alternative to their present challenge. Plus I also wanted to let you see that buying and selling can be done in any domain.

Small Livestock

Small livestock is a broad spectrum but some of my key mentions here are poultry, goats, and rabbits, just to mention a few. The reason why I recommend such businesses for beginners is that they are not that challenging. On a small scale, they do not need a lot in terms of their housing – of course, poultry needs special attention on the housing. The bottom line is that small livestock can be raised using makeshift houses that are low cost. Small livestock also tends to be highly sought after on the market – meat especially. Quite many livestock are hardy i.e. they can thrive whilst forage. Birth rates, where applicable, are also quite high which maximizes on profits realized within just a year of operating.


Fruits and vegetables are a hit domain. Earlier I spoke of buying and selling – fruits and vegetables are some of the most lucrative items to buy and sell. Aside from buying and selling, you can grow them to sell later. Some of the common fruits are avocados, oranges, apples, bananas, and grapes, just to mention a few. Vegetable-wise there are cabbages, covo, rape, cauliflower, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and so on. These are crops that can be grown on a small scale and sold with good returns. I have noted many people who can grow green leafy vegetables initially for home consumption but they end up selling them. Those starting in business can start with horticulture.

Teaching Or Tutoring Services

So many people are endowed with a wide array of knowledge and skillsets. Some are qualified teachers, lecturers, or instructors in their trades. The easiest way such people can start businesses is by offering teaching services. This they can do physically or virtually. In one of my articles, I mentioned someone who is making lots of money conducting digital marketing masterclasses – using WhatsApp. They run these classes with the help just one individual. My point is by offering teaching or tutoring services you can effectively run the business solo with limited costs.

Repair And Maintenance Services

This is yet another domain that is somehow related to teaching services I have just been discussing. If you are someone with technical expertise in a technical field you can start such a business easily. For instance, you are a qualified IT Technician, you can start a repair and or maintenance business for IT issues. This business rides on the extent of your expertise and have the necessary tools. Essentially people will be paying for your time and knowledge.

Hiring Services

Then we have hiring services – many people can do this business. Some people have vehicles, some have PA systems, some have mining equipment, some have farming equipment – the list is endless. You can start earning money just by hiring out what you have. One of the simplest examples that many of you can relate with is a gold detector machine. One can invest in that and start making money just by hiring it out.

These are business that can be started with relatively low capital requirements. The working assumption is that you probably already have the core components needed. Most, if not all, of these businesses, will require simple low-cost advertising using social media platforms. Some of them will be based on one’s specialized skillset e.g. a motor mechanic. These are businesses that are easy to start, can be started small and can be scaled (or even pivoted) over time.