Now is the time to see the increased use of technology in the medical field in Zimbabwe. How many of you struggle with finding medication in pharmacies? Imagine if you could have a digital platform where you can search for medicine in Zimbabwe. Imagine that same digital platform providing directions to the pharmacy nearest to you. Brismed Investments has been working on this, and now such a platform exists. They also provide a wide range of chemical products, such as sanitisers, disinfectants, and cleaners. There is more, too; I recently had a chat with the co-founder, Bryan Moyo. Here is what you need to know about Brismed.

Who Brismed Investments Is And How It Started

Brismed Investments is a Zimbabwean health tech company which was established in 2018. Its main focus is the healthcare industry. It focuses on how to improve better the existing framework for better efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

While Bryan Moyo was on a break, he had an idea of selling medical equipment in Zimbabwe. Hence he started with small items such as wheelchairs and walking sticks. He was importing from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from an online company called Souq before its acquisition by Amazon. His father gave him money to get his driver’s license, but he diverted those funds to register and establish Brismed Investments fully.

Services Brismed Investments Offers

Brismed Investments has come up with Novalic v1.0. This is an electronic medical records platform that comes with the following features:

  • Hospital Management
  • Medical Billing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Pharmacy Management

This technology has been around for a long time. However, there was a need for a better-adapted platform to best suit Zimbabwe’s unique healthcare challenges at a negligible cost to healthcare providers.

Suppose your relative gets sick, and you need a hospital urgently. Maybe you are not sure which hospitals near you have bed space to assist. Instead of driving to a couple of institutions, Brismed can tell you which hospital can be of assistance.

Let us suppose you need medication for your grandmother, who has diabetes. Then you are not sure if your pharmacy of choice has Metformin. Brismed can tell you the nearest pharmacy with your prescribed drug with just a click of a button. This saves you lots of time, stress, and anxiety.

Brismed’s Reach And Target Market

Currently, with their readily available software, the Novalic, they are mainly targeting doctors across any field, clinics and hospitals of different sizes. Their niche market is the general physicians who function as family doctors and monitor chronic conditions. They provide adequate features to help them do their job and improve the processes involved. Within Zimbabwe, as of mid-2023, they project to have about 1000 active doctors using their platform as they make their contribution towards Digital Healthcare. They plan to reach other African countries, ultimately targeting 10 000 physicians.

Streamlining Medicare In Zimbabwe

Brismed is poised to streamline medicare in Zimbabwe by providing cutting-edge digital technologies. The founder of Brismed, Bryan Moyo, said:

For our healthcare providers in the pharmaceutical sector, we all know how hectic stock takes can be. With Novalic, you will never have to stress about it. Better yet, knowing in real time the amount of stock you have left. Plus, knowing when a particular batch of drugs is going to expire or run out. Only Brismed can do this for you at low costs and saving you lots of time and management stress.

For our partner doctors, you will enjoy seamless management of your schedules and appointments with patients. This will save your patients time wasted checking for the nearest diagnostic centre or price inquiries. They will be able to handle all that online and simply going at their appointed time and then receive results in a precise and HIPPA-secured manner. That is what we can do for our doctors. In all these processes, we shall generate vital information and data in a HIPPA-compliant manner that the Ministry of Health and Child Care can make use of in terms of epidemiology and general public health matters.

Brismed’s Management Team

Brismed’s management comprises two co-founders, Bryan Moyo and Brain Moyo. Their Lead Biochemist is Stan Chikova, who is also the Marketing Lead. The Assistant Biochemist is T. Mbofana. Their ICT partner company is Melgotech, whose CEO is Mr T.Marumani. Their Lead Developer is BennySway. The marketing team is made up of 3 part-time employees.

Notable Challenges Brismed Is Facing

When they started developing Novalic they realized that they would rely on an internet connection. Internet service is still inaccessible to certain remote areas in Zimbabwe. To fix that, they came up with a desktop application which would store information locally in a HIPPA-compliant manner and would need to be backed up once a week.

There is a need for adoption, and policies need to be updated to accommodate the digital transformation happening within the industry. Thus they call upon responsible authorities to come up with relevant policies and regulations to facilitate digital transformation within the medical and healthcare sector in Zimbabwe. The government under the Ministry of Health and Child Care and responsible regulatory boards need to accept and process new ideas. They need to help regulate in order for small startups in the industry to achieve their goals and better the industry.

Brismed is open for business and investment partnerships. They are also running a promotion for every person who facilitates a physician joining their Novalic platform. They get US$1 airtime sent directly to their respective phone number (promotion lasts till 15.11.22). You can check out the Brismed website here for more details. You can also email You can contact Bryan Moyo on Twitter. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp at +48504298321 or +263 712162501. Their physical address is 1 off Dan Judson Road, Harare.