As Zimbabweans prepare to celebrate their second Christmas with the new President, one cannot help but think what this Christmas has in store for us. Indeed last year many were still celebrating what was termed the ‘second independence’ and the hope of better Zimbabwe made the festive period sweet and lovely. This years’ Christmas is fast approaching at a time when the country is still trying to find its feet on the economic stand. Cash shortages, exchange rates, price increases and shortage of commodities have crippled the economy and one of the darkest Christmas periods looms for many citizens.

Many Zimbabweans usually come together to spend time as family whilst others travel to the rural areas just to have this experience. Buses are usually seen loaded with groceries and the smell of new clothes is in the air as people try to enjoy this festive period. But one wonders if this will be possible this year given the challenges that are being faced by Zimbabweans. The economic situation seems not to be improving, whilst the cost of living and travelling seems to be increasing every week. There is a lot of uncertainty around this years’ Christmas period in Zimbabwe but what one can be assured of is that Zimbabweans will be able to wake up to a warm cup of tea (not sure with or without sugar) and some freshly baked bread. This comes after the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) confirmed that they had just imported 60 000 tonnes of wheat to meet the demand of bread and flour during the festive season.

Chairperson of GMAZ Tafadzwa Musarara confirmed that the group was expecting a consignment of 60 000 tonnes of wheat in coming weeks and this would cover the festive season. The demand for bread is about 1.7 million loaves a day. Musarara also said that they were looking forward to receiving further suppliers from local farmers. This at least should put a smile on the faces of many Zimbabweans who are daily loosing hope, and hoping that this marks the beginning of the many good things to come.



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