I have always underscored the need to publicize the efforts of young Zimbabweans. It is noteworthy that there are now so many young Zimbabweans who are spearheading initiatives bent on nurturing and enhancing young lives. That is why in this article I will be talking about Blessing Mutamba (as I promised). Blessing Mutamba is a young Zimbabwean lady aged 24 who won the crown for Miss Ireland International pageant last year. She officially handed back the crown at the end of January this year. As a parting shot, she decided to do a Zimbabwe homecoming tour which spanned from her arrival on the 29th of January to her departure on the 11th of February.

Who Is Blessing Mutamba?

Blessing Mutamba is a 24-year-old Zimbabwean model who is an Analyst at the International Stock Exchange as well as the former Miss Ireland International 2019. She graduated with a Foundation Degree in Events Management before attaining a First Class Bachelor degree with Honours in Creative Enterprise and then a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship underpinned by a business incubation programme during which she built a company valued at £2 million. While living in Guernsey, Channel Islands, she has been strongly campaigning to uplift various aspects of what her beautiful country has to offer on a global platform – particularly focusing on the tourism and entrepreneurship sectors in Zimbabwe.

Brief Overview And Purpose Of The Homecoming Tour

From the age of 17, Blessing started her own charitable organisation which at the time supported the work Save the Children was doing with young people in Zimbabwe’s rural areas. They were covering things like how girls can make their own sanitary materials, giving food aid and teaching young people how to be aware of what abuse is and how to spot it.

Youth empowerment and education is an ethos she has carried with her in all that she does – especially through her reign as Miss Ireland International 2019. She worked hard to advocate for young Zimbabweans who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs (both at home and abroad) and also inspire those who do not realise their own talents. However, being based in the Channel Islands had its challenges in reaching the core group of people whom she wanted to be a role model and mentor to.

That is how the idea of the Homecoming Tour came about. Her thrust was to use this as a platform to give young Zimbabweans (particularly aged between 16 and25) the encouragement and attention they ALL deserve on a global scale. The key target groups were high achievers at school, upcoming entrepreneurs, people with big ideas, those who have overcome extreme adversity, or someone just looking for extra inspiration.

As her legacy, she committed herself to creating an infrastructure which students, graduates or individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds will utilise to access business mentorship or work experience opportunities. Starting these conversations was a big part of her tour. She also met with several key decision-makers in the hope of forming lasting partnerships for the ultimate benefit of Zimbabwean youth.

The Homecoming Tour At A Glance

I will highlight some of the key activities that she spearheaded during this tour. She held two Model Master Classes in Victoria Falls and Mutare. They took place at the Kingdom Hotel and Cortauld Theatre respectively. She also held meetings with CBZ and the Irish Consul. She was also interviewed on air at Diamond FM and ZBC TV.

She also addressed students at Hillcrest High School in Mutare. She conducted a Youth Confidence Workshop at Patsime Theatre in Harare. She moderated a Panel and Networking event at Mudziyashe Lodge in Harare. I actually participated in this event because she had invited me to be one of the panellists. Wide-ranging topics on entrepreneurship were discussed during this event.

One of the notable people in attendance was Jonah Mungoshi (he was a panellist). Jonah Mungoshi is popular local management consultant, motivational speaker and success coach. In a nutshell, these are some of the events that characterised Blessing Mutamba’s Homecoming Tour.

Now that the Homecoming Tour has been successfully concluded, what is next? Despite the tour having been mostly an outreach she was more focused on information gathering. As much as creating opportunities and giving support to young people is noble it is important to do that from an informed standpoint. So the thrust of the homecoming tour was to gather feedback. That feedback is then the material she will use to create an infrastructure that will be used to provide career or entrepreneurship mentorship (plus much more) to young Zimbabweans. It was a great experience being part of this initiative – I learnt quite a lot! Once again I would like to congratulate Blessing for putting together such a great initiative.