Sagittarian Private Limited trading as ABC Auctions is the largest auctioneering company in Zimbabwe. They deal in all kinds of movable assets and have been operational for over 5 decades. They have grown over years and now even offer Time Online Auctions. The vision is to become the leading auctioneer in Zimbabwe. You can go to their website here after which you will find the following key elements.

Brief History Of ABC Auctions

ABC Auctions was formed in 1978 initially operating in Harare alone. During the 80s they introduced the first-ever drive-through auction in Zimbabwe. In the 90s they put out a jingle that played a huge role in building brand awareness for ABC Auctions. During the 2000s they did a monumental auction of a Caterpillar D10 bulldozer which sold for a cool US$500 000. In 2018 they expanded to Bulawayo and the following year they were ranked amongst the top 15 brands in Zimbabwe. In 2020 they introduced tech-based innovations to how they run their auctions systems.

Buying And Selling

On the website, you broadly can buy and sell moveable assets. You can buy vehicles or equipment and you have the convenience of searching for what you need. You can search using keywords or you can use categories, location, condition, and sale status (e.g. for auction, for sale). All those details help narrow down your search. Save for the keyword field, all the other aforementioned fields have preset options to choose from.

Then you can also buy goods and again you can search just like you can do for vehicles and equipment. When you click on Auctions you are taken to a page that lists upcoming auctions and your upcoming bids. When there is an auction you are interested in you have an option to Register to Bid.

Bear in mind that bids are binding and can neither be removed nor revoked. The approval process typically takes as long as 2 hours during business hours. ABC Auctions encourages bidders to view to avoid disappointments. It is possible to get your stuff delivered (with even cash on delivery) but this is only upon request. There is a number provided through which such requests can be done: +263 772 254 922.

There are also Out Hand items that are on sale. These are miscellaneous items for sale. At the moment when you go on the website, you will notice that most of them are office chairs. You again have the convenience of searching using keywords, categories, and location.


ABC Auctions is a good place to use in disposing of some of your movable assets. There are 3 disposal options that you can choose from. These are commission sales, outright purchases, and advanced payments pending commission sales. You are encouraged to give as much detail as possible about what you want to sell. This will help ABC Auctions make informed decisions on how best to dispose of the items. You are also encouraged to be truthful and objective about the real condition of what you want to sell.

Online Bidding

Thanks to technology you can bid online. You can do this in 2 ways either via their app or via their website. To download the app you can use this link. Via the website, you use this link. You then sign up and become a member of the ABC Auctions online community. From there you can register to bid in auctions you are interested in. To get approved to bid depends on either or both of two things. These are paying a deposit (not always required though), or being deemed to be a good bidder. The approval process takes up to 2 hours during business hours. If it is outside working hours, the process might take much longer.

Placing Deposits

Deposits may be needed for some auctions – they are fully refundable by the way. Deposits can be paid at the Harare or Bulawayo offices. Payments options are cash, swipe, or transfer. Deposits will be paid back after the auction is done. Cash deposits can be done immediately. Bank deposits will take anything between 3 and 5 working days. EcoCash deposits will be sent to the bank account provided.

If you want to know more about the online bidding process, kindly visit the website.

Outbound Links

There are outbound links on the website that take you to ABC Auctions’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, and email accounts. 2 outbound links enable you to review them on Facebook and Google as well.

Other Features

If you have questions there is a FAQs section on the website. If you are keen on checking out some social proofs there is a section on Reviews. You can also check out the Careers sections for any job opportunities and the like.

Contacting ABC Auctions

There are several ways you can do this. You can fill out a form on the website by choosing Harare, Bulawayo or Customer Service. You then fill out your name, email address, what you are looking to do (buying or selling), and your message; then you send. Their Harare branch is located at Hatfield House, Seke Road, Graniteside. Their contact numbers are +263 242 751 904 or +263 242 751 906. Alternatively, you can email

In Bulawayo, they are located at 77 Plumtree Road, Donnington. Contact numbers are +263 242 468 903 or +263 772 299 336. You can email By the way, operating hours for both branches are 9 am to 3 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday it is 9 am to 12 noon and on Sunday they are closed.

It is not every day that you find a well-designed website in Zimbabwe. ABC Auctions’ website ticks all the boxes of a good website that others should emulate. The colour themes used are easy on the eyes and the overall layout design is visually appealing. Transitions are smooth and fast which makes the user experience pleasant. It is a mobile-friendly website something most websites lack. So the next time you think of auctions or disposing of some assets, think ABC Auctions.