Running a business is not magic or an accident. It takes the application of revealed principles and means. When you boil it all down it comes to one thing – how you navigate each day. Your success in anything stems from what you do (or do not do) daily. That is why it is essential that we closely examine what you need to do daily. In business, daily operations entail things like sales, marketing, cash flows, administration, and more. You cannot just do those things anyhow and expect positive and lasting results. There are certain skills you must master to properly carry out your daily business operations. Here are some of the skills you need for your daily business operations:

Knowing How To Sell

It does not matter what business it is you are doing, it all comes down to sales. On the surface, selling seems like an easy and straightforward thing. That is not the case though. Selling is both an art and a science. It takes having certain knowledge and acquiring certain skills. Most of what is at play when someone makes a purchase is their psychology. You must know how to influence it and many other variables. That is why you must acquire the ability to sell.

Marketing (Digital Mostly)

In order to realize sales you have to first draw the prospects. How can you sell to someone you have not attracted? For them to get close to you they need to be drawn to your offerings. For them to know you have to conduct marketing. In this day and age, you must pay particular attention to digital marketing. There are so many technical elements involved in digital marketing. They are elements you need to be taught on. There are countless online courses (some of them free) that you must undergo to learn digital marketing.

Understanding Customer Experiences

Business and entrepreneurship these days are about customer experiences. It is those who provide wholesome customer experiences that will enjoy revenue and profits. Customer experience is the totality of interactions a customer has with a brand and its products or services. Grasping the concept of customer experience is needed for effective customer relationship management. There is a growing trend of people looking for immersive customer experiences as well. A lot of technology is now centre stage in creating the best customer experiences. All of this takes one being knowledgeable and skilled in what is involved.

Financial Management

Poor financial management still remains one of the reasons why many businesses fail. There are so many things that can be and have to be learnt under financial management. Most businesses fail because they overlook certain expenses for instance. Some cannot properly financially forecast when making decisions. There are many who cannot even read financial statements and understand them. Others do not know what they should monitor or prioritize financially. All these areas and more can be addressed if one decides to skill up. You have to acquire skills in financial management. It matters for both your business and personal finances. Do not assume you know it all.


Many of you know that you must delegate but how many actually do? How do you prime yourself to delegate? When should you delegate? To whom should you delegate tasks? How should you relate with the people you delegate tasks to? These are some of the many areas contained in the area of delegation. Eli Broad is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He built two Fortune 500 companies. He is one of the richest people in the world. He once said, “The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems I see with managers at all levels”. It is a skill you must learn because it is essential to operational efficiency.

Reading People And Circumstances

It is staggering how many people are oblivious to the importance of reading people. Often time people work solely with what someone says. Yet they do not realize that most of the communication, the real essence, is non-verbal. I love what Anis Mansour once said, “What is more important than reading books; is reading people’s faces”. All in all, you must learn how to observe and interpret body language. That is where the real deal is. The same applies to reading circumstances as well. I am reminded of situational awareness which is the ability to perceive and comprehend your environment. Studying some psychology can also enhance your skillset here.


The need to solve problems will always be present. Starting a business or startup is even a venture in problem-solving. Then in your business operations, you will always encounter problems that must be solved. Often times having to make a decision is usually necessitated by some problem. That is why you need the necessary skills to effectively solve problems. You can find courses, even online, to teach your problem-solving skills. Examples are business analysis, computational thinking, creative (or critical thinking), and strategic thinking, amongst others.

You must also learn how to properly manage your time. Time management is paramount. If your time management is chaotic it will compromise everything else. It takes skill to be able to use time productively. This ties into the importance of building systems. In order to run a smooth business or startup you need to put in place a system. Building such a system is not a random or haphazard thing. You must be taught the tenets of building systems that work. That concludes our look at the skills you need for your daily business operations. Make up your mind to acquire knowledge and skills in these areas.