Networking is an indispensable recipe to any form of success, particularly in entrepreneurship. Obviously there are places to network offline which are very strategic. Networking online comes with its own share of unique advantages. You are not limited by distance thereby managing to network with people from across the globe. It is relatively cheaper because there will not be expenses such as travelling and accommodation amongst other things. The other advantage is that you can be on multiple networking platforms all at once. Thus it is convenient to be networking online due to these and other benefits. In this article, I highlight and discuss some places that you can network online.

Facebook Pages And Groups

Facebook is definitely the place to be if you want to network online. The site has billions of users and is undoubtedly one of the most used social media sites on the planet. There innumerable pages or groups that one can follow or join to network with people online. Some of my notable engagements or achievements were wrought from having networked with people online. It is very easy to find platforms on Facebook that align with your interests or fields of interest. For instance, there are groups or pages where digital nomads converge and share experiences. I joined one and that is actually how I got to know more about the lives of digital nomads. I even managed to get some global opportunities one of which involved being an online product tester for a cryptocurrency startup in Germany.


This is considered to be the biggest professional social media site in the world. The site has over 600 million active users and is used in over 200 parts of the world i.e. countries and other territories. If you are a business and are looking to network with other businesses then this is the platform to be. It is very formal and virtually anyone on that platform means business.

WhatsApp Groups

This is the most used instant messaging app on this earth. It is quite cheap and it is most preferred medium of communication by most people. Chances are always high that someone who owns and uses a mobile smartphone is on WhatsApp. I did highlight earlier that Facebook pages and groups are good places of online networking. WhatsApp groups, however, seem to be more easily accessible and interactive. Locally due to bundle packages WhatsApp is widely used for networking.


There are countless blogs on the internet for any subject or area of interest. When you combine blogs and social media you will be amazed to know that these two account for the lion’s share of all internet usage on this earth. The platform you are actually reading this article on is a business blog. The platform provides an opportunity to identify and even network with potential business partners. So if you are looking for interactive online platforms to network with people then consider blogs. Blogs can be on niches such as fitness, fashion, food, sporting, and wellness – the list is infinite.


If you are not a huge fan of having to read through content then there is an alternative for you – podcasts. Just like blogs, there are podcasts on wide-ranging subjects on all facets of society. They are very interactive and the beauty is in that you can listen in to a podcast whilst even driving. An example of a good networking podcast is The Payoff. It deals with financial topics and is an ideal podcast for both personal and business financial management.


This platform is a hit amongst many out there. This is because people are so fond of video-based content. Some of the most interactive accounts on YouTube entail vlogging. Ideally vlogging is a variation of blogging – the key difference being the use of video as opposed to text. If you have time for watching videos and interacting with people in the comment sections then YouTube is where it is at.


Entrepreneurs love to network because they know that strategic partnerships can be easily struck that way. These platforms facilitate an interface for entrepreneurs and potential investors. This is very vital for startups because funding tends to be a hurdle in setting up businesses. This platform is also useful for job hunters who are looking to land jobs at startups. You can check it out and see for yourself.


It is always the wish of most individuals, businesses or companies and the like to network with other like-minded counterparts. On this platform, you create a profile that basically spells out what your areas or fields of interest are. So once that is done you get to be notified when there are meet-ups that you might find relevant. If you are keen on networking with other like-minded people, check out the site.


Networking between entrepreneurs and business owners is definitely important. If you are interested in this typing of networking dynamic then this is a platform for you. The crux of this platform is to exchange ideas and share experiences in the startup culture. Kindly check it out here.

There are infinitely more places you can network with people online. I am a living example of how networking online can open up astounding opportunities for you. The major focus of what I am doing right now was all borne out of networking with people online. With that said, I kindly encourage you to explore these online platforms to network with people all over the world. When you go online, do not just do it for fun; approach it with an eye to note and leverage on opportunities.