The internet is laden with information on virtually anything you can ever think of. However, it is not easy to find relevant and genuine information. Of course, we do have search engines like Google but even with that powerful tool, you might not get what you really need. You must know that there are well over 2 billion websites on the internet so finding the right content can be a tall order. Anyways, in this article, I will make it somewhat easy for local entrepreneurs by pointing them in the direction of some websites that can be well worth their time. I will just discuss 8 websites that can be quite useful for a Zimbabwean entrepreneur.

StartupBiz Zimbabwe

I deliberately chose to include this one for the benefit of those who might not really know much about StartupBiz Zimbabwe. This very article that you are reading is on the StartupBiz Zimbabwe website. StartupBiz Zimbabwe is a business research firm based in Harare. It is passionate about entrepreneurs and wants to help Zimbabweans start and grow their businesses successfully. The website has a comprehensive collection of over 1080 business articles (and counting) on wide-ranging topics. Articles are published on the site daily and you can even sign up to receive notifications when new articles go online. You can also purchase pre-written business plans through the site. If you want to stay in the loop regarding local business and business-related news and important business and business-related topics then make sure you bookmark this site.


Techzim is an information technology (IT) and business publication that focuses on Zimbabwe and Africa at large. They publish news, analyses and opinions on IT plus other closely related issues. Initially, they used to target a specific set of readers but now their content is diverse and meant to equip Zimbabweans with the latest content. So entrepreneurs can benefit a lot from content that gets to be published on this site.


This is an online platform where people are free to share tech trends, news, and articles. The focus can be Zimbabwe, the African continent or any part of the world. The vision of Techblog is the provision of accurate and current tech and business content. For you to be able to contribute through availing your articles to be uploaded on the platform you must first of all register. You will be required to indicate how you would like to contribute. Two pilot articles will be required from you for use to assess and review your writing. If you pass the assessment then you can start writing articles that get published on the site.

Startup Grind

This platform is considered to be the biggest independent startup community in the world. It connects at least 2 million entrepreneurs in more than 600 chapters. The Harare chapter currently has about 764 members and you can join by simply going to their site. They organize events, media initiatives, and build strategic partnerships in over 125 countries. One of the most notable global brands they work with is Google. The events they organize are the most striking feature of their activities; they invite keynote speakers in the form of founders, educators, innovators and investors. Their upcoming local event is a fireside chat with Nigel Philp called The Entrepreneurial Edge. It will hold on the 20th of this month and you can get more details on the website. The next one will be a panel discussion on the 25th of January. The title will be Bringing Our Talent Home with Chelsea Evans, Dr Zorodzai, Victor Utedzi and Edith Maziofa.


Forbes is one of the biggest and most reputable media companies in the world. The major themes they focus on are business, investments, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and lifestyle. If you want to get all the current and most trusted global content on the aforementioned areas then Forbes is the place to look up.


I highly recommend this platform to every entrepreneur out there. When it comes to some of the most captivating presentations on video, Ted is light years ahead. Popularly known as Ted Talks they are powerful video presentations on matters regarding virtually any subject. Even just by watching the videos you end learning a lot about how to make striking presentations on stage. Aside from videos, there are also text-based articles on the site. At one point I got so addicted to watching Ted Talks it would affect my focus on work at the office. You can watch the videos online or you can download and watch as and when you want.


Just like Forbes, Bloomberg is also another reputable platform for authentic and relevant content that is useful to entrepreneurs. The site has various sections (just like Forbes) which are rich with wholesome information on entrepreneurship and other closely related subjects.


This is a simple platform where anyone can ask any question and anyone can respond according to the best of their knowledge. The platform is quite useful especially if you ask the right questions and get well informed answers. I have often even wondered why there is not yet a platform like this home-grown specifically for Zimbabwe. I believe that is actually a business idea worth exploring for those interested out there.

These are 8 of some of the websites that are of immense value to the entrepreneur. If you are to become an exceptional entrepreneur you must be passionate about acquiring knowledge and staying abreast with emerging trends and information. These websites that I have been discussing can help you in doing exactly that.