Summer is fast approaching and now is the best time to let in on some of the trending summer business ideas that you can consider. There are several factors that you can leverage when it is summer. For example, due to the relatively warm weather, people will be more mobile. There will also be a high affinity for people to want to hang out indoors. These and more factors contribute to how opportune summertime can be for starting or running businesses. Here are some of the trending summer business ideas you can try out for 2022.

On-The-Go Food Business

This is a collective that refers to a wide range of food-based business ideas. You are essentially looking at businesses focusing on foods that busy people can purchase on the go. For Example, takeaway businesses such as restaurants, smoothies and juices bars, ice cream sales, snacks, cold beverages, and so many more. Braais or barbeques also tend to be common during summer. Thus you can start a business where you put together a joint where people can come to braai and socialize. Those already running butcheries in convenient spots can easily diversify into that. You can set up such businesses in situ, outdoor, or using a mobile approach. The onus is on you to do your research to see what would sell the most in your target location.

Photography And Videography

There is no doubt about how more and more are always up for a video or photo shoot. Summer is particularly perfect given the abundant sunlight. This creates ideal natural lighting scenarios that lead to excellent photos. So you can try your hand at starting a business focusing on this. You can tap into the internet and social media to generate leads and get bookings. You can also couple that with going to places such as parks, resort areas, and the like. People frequenting such places might be up for a professional photo or video shoot.

Car Wash

You can also start this business which is also ideal for summertime. Due to the generally warm and dry weather, cars tend to easily get dusty and the like. This makes the demand for car wash services spike during summer. One of the advantages of this line of business is that the equipment you need is not that particularly expensive. You can start with simple, low-cost items and scale as the business grows. There is also room to diversify into tyre services where put pressure and even repair tyres. This can lead to your spot becoming quite busy all the time. It is also smart to not focus on car washing only; also includes car detailing. As is the case with most businesses, carefully consider your choice of location – high human and vehicle traffic with ample space is ideal.

Mineral Water Sales

Of course, I am majoring in sales here but you can also get into actual manufacturing. The demand for mineral water during summer surges exponentially. The other already existing factor is that most water sources in Zimbabwe are generally unsafe for consumption. I am always sceptical about drinking tap water in Zimbabwe. This dynamic holds for so many people so it does contribute to the high number of people needing mineral water often. The summer then enhances that demand because of the hot weather. So there is money to be made from mineral water sales or anything related to this domain during summer.

Events Planning And Management

Lots of events are held during summer due to the preferable weather. This presents several business opportunities in planning and managing events. I recently did an article on how to start a wedding planning business in Zimbabwe. Such services get sought after a lot during summer. Generally, just a wide range of events get held so you can come in as an events planner. There is also the rentals and hiring side – closely related to any event. People will look to hire equipment or facilities such as venues, public address systems, chairs, tables, décor, and catering equipment, just to mention a few. Catering services also get into the mix here and can be a thriving business during summer. As you can see there is so much to explore in events planning and management during summer.

Farm Produce Sales

Summer can also be a time when several crops get harvested. This spans from grains to all sorts of horticulture crops. Probably you are already a farmer and you can easily start selling your harvest. For others, you can identify where you can source your farm produce and resell it elsewhere. This is an easy and lucrative business idea especially if you have cost-effective transportation and a smooth supply chain.

Summer Wear And Gear

There is a broad and diverse list of things people prefer to wear in summer. There is also a long list of gear that people tend to use more during summer. You can start the business of sourcing and selling such items. Wherever possible, you can even manufacture such things e.g. summer wear. After all, clothing is a good fit if you are looking to make some good money.

Fitness And Wellness Services

The pursuit of fitness or overall wellness spikes also during summer. More people get to frequent gyms or sign up for fitness programs. There is no limit as to the number of approaches you can settle for in this domain. You can tailor fitness programs, sell wellness products, or you can start a gym. Alternatively, you can do rentals of sporting equipment. The bottom line is to just figure out what you can offer in the fitness and wellness world.

There you go, go for it. Whatever line of summer you choose to settle for, do not settle. Always look for ways in which you branch out into more services to widen your revenue streams. That is the cool thing about all these summer business ideas, they are expandable.