As an entrepreneur is it important to assimilate as much relevant knowledge as you can – I always underscore this. Especially in this fourth industrial revolution (4IR), we are now in you must stay in the loop by knowing all the current, latest and emerging trends, tech and innovations. All this is central to you becoming a consummate 21st-century entrepreneur. Today I thought it necessary to point out some of the magazines that can be of immense value to the entrepreneur. Some of them are available in print format; some of them are available online whilst some of them are available as both. I would urge you to take the time to read these magazines because they carry valuable information.

Fempreneurs Magazine

This is a local magazine that is published monthly and is available as a print copy or in e-format. It is a product of a group called Entrepreneurs, which is a group of young female entrepreneurs whose common objective is to empower young urban women locally aged between 8 and 40 years. You can become a member and also get to know more about them plus getting access to the magazine by logging onto their website.

Entrepreneur Magazine

The Entrepreneur magazine is an excellent resource when it comes to content that is relevant to small businesses. It offers advice, insights, inspirational profiles and proven guidelines to help both established and budding entrepreneurs. It has been in existence for 22 years so far and it also features pieces on reputable personalities just like Forbes does. You can subscribe to the issues online by going to their website. Every aspect of entrepreneurship is comprehensively covered in this magazine thus it is well worth your while.

Forbes Magazine

This is one of the most authoritative and most recognized magazines in the world. The magazine issues are available both as print formats and e-formats. One of the reasons that cement Forbes’ content is its ability to feature content on or by reputable global personalities in different fields. The Forbes publication has been in existence for a cool 102 years so they wield extensive experience. Some of the main themes the magazine covers are wealth and business amongst plenty of others. You can go to their website to get access to their online versions of their magazine issues.

Fortune Magazine

Ever heard of Fortune 500 companies? I am sure most of you have; well, that is the Fortune in question here. That must give you a feel of how well respected and trusted Fortune’s content is. The publication releases monthly issues and has been around for 90 years now. You can get their magazine issues through their website. There are lots of valuable resources on the website too such as the list of the earlier mentioned Fortune 500 companies. You can also get access to investor guides, news pieces, commentaries and more. Fortune magazine’s striking uniqueness is in its articles that tend to be lengthier and more comprehensive.

TechCrunch Magazine

There is a lot of interest in techno-preneurship these days i.e. tech-based entrepreneurship. If you are interested in great content for technology-related issues then the TechCrunch magazine is your best go-to. The magazine issues are made available online and provide invaluable insights into areas such as tech trends, startup culture, company profiles, news and lots of other related details. You can go to their website for magazine issues and other useful information.

Fast Company Magazine

This magazine is available both online and as a print copy – they publish just 8 issues annually. The magazine is now in its 24th year running. The content covered in the issues is quite alluring. For example, on the front page of the current issue is a topic written, “120 secrets of the most productive people”. To get their issues you have to subscribe on their website. Their content is more focused on future outlooks on business, technology and design aspects.

Wired Magazine

This is a monthly publication that covers several fields that make society what it is. Some of the topical areas covered in that magazine are business and technology amongst several others. Of course, it is headquartered in the US but all the content therein is useful despite your location in the world. Their articles are deliberately tailored to appeal to anyone from the light, the average reader to the nerdy and sophisticated ones. To access the magazine or to know more about it you can go to the Wired website. The great thing about their online version of the magazine is that it is more broad and diverse in terms of the areas it covers.

Inc. Magazine

This magazine was established in the year 1979 and their focus is mainly small scale startups and budding businesses. They cover great subjects pertaining to personal development and real-life accounts of successful entrepreneurs. They also do a great job in providing you with inspirational or motivational content in their magazine issues. You can get their issues plus more useful stuff on their website.

As you would have probably noticed by now, all the magazines on this list are US-based save for one. The reason why I had to mention them despite all of them being from the US is because of the relevance and wholesomeness of their content. However, I do think that we need to see more magazines becoming globally-acclaimed yet being from other parts of the world (even from here). I feel the narratives regarding various topical issues vary from country to country and continent to continent. So we must see more and more authoritative magazine publications hailing from here to the whole world. It is also evident that magazine publishers now need to provide e-formats rather than just sticking to print formats only. Anyways, I felt I had to touch on those important issues; otherwise, happy reading!