Most of you employed, will attest to how many bosses out there are extremely toxic. On the other hand, employers, most of you, will attest to how toxic you are. Well, that second part might hard to admit, right? In fact, most toxic bosses do not even realize that they are. Well, by the time you get to the end of this article you will know, like it or not. I shall be discussing the tell-tale signs of a toxic boss. Most employee turnovers are fuelled by toxic bosses which is why I thought to discuss this subject. These indicators are the result of a study that Google conducted over a 10-year long period.

Teaching Or Coaching Employees Annoys You

Did you know that most employees value acquiring knowledge at the workplace? They actually love to be taught particularly by their bosses. This is why employees tend to adore a boss who is willing to teach or coach them. Being stingy with knowledge and time is something that distances a boss from his or her subordinates. If you do not like to teach or coach your employees then that is a sure sign of a toxic boss.

You Micromanage Employees

I cannot begin to start on how many bosses are found wanting on this one. Most bosses might even think doing this is a sign of diligence but trust me, it is not! I personally do not like to be micromanaged and many people out there do not like that at all. If you are a boss and you micromanage employees you are simply telling them they are incompetent or you do not trust them enough to get the job done well. Do not be this toxic!

You Are Not Concerned About The Personal Wellbeing Of Your Employees

As a boss, it is commonplace to be more concerned about whether or not subordinates are doing their jobs. This sounds right but it not good because you will be turning a blind eye to the most important part of your employees. Typically an employee spends about 8 hours at work. This means the greater part of their day is spent away from work. Surely ignoring that part of their lives is not a noble attitude. Be concerned about their personal lives – I do not mean prying into their personal business though. At least know how they are and if there any challenges they are experiencing. Work and personal life feed off and feed into each other so strike a balance to know the wellbeing of both. Be particularly concerned about mental health-related issues – I kid you not this is being seriously neglected.

You Feel Overwhelmed And Lagging Behind All The Time

A boss must always be in control of how things unfold. You must not be out of touch with what is happening in the workplace. Properly delegate and directly focus on what you ought to not everything. The moment you feel overwhelmed and lagging behind it simply tells you that you are doing something(s) wrong.

Your Despise Interacting With Your Employees

Most bosses feel high and mighty; literally making them feel too exclusive. You will find bosses whose offices are not easily accessible to employees. You will find bosses who cannot even spare time to casually interact with their employees. If you are anything like this then do not even wonder why employees despise you, you are very toxic.

Training And Development Of Your Employees Is Not A Priority To You

A boss who does not value employee training and development is toxic. You have no idea how beneficial training and developing your employees is to your business all in all. Bosses who do not prioritise this have insecurities about employee turnover – somewhat a valid concern. However, most bosses do not prioritize this because they cannot stand to see an employee getting better. In fact, they would rather an employee bankroll their training and development themselves.

You Do Not Plan Long Term – No Vision

This point really gets to me when I think of how most subordinates out there are treated. Most employees tread blindly when it comes to their jobs. They will mostly know what they are supposed to do but the “why” is usually blurry to them. This is borne out of a boss who lacks vision; even if they have a vision they do not or inadequately communicate to their subordinates. All this is very toxic behaviour.

You Feel Threatened By Some Of Your Employees Due To Their Skills

This is yet another aspect that I have been a victim of before. The moment a boss feels threatened by an employee it opens up a perpetual cycle of abuse and sabotage. Here is the thing; most bosses want an employee whom they consider dispensable. They do not want someone who one, is too instrumental to the company or business and two, who wields skills and expertise they themselves do not have. At best a boss who feels threatened has serious low esteem and insecurity issues. Feeling threatened is a clear sign of being toxic.

There you have it, 8 indicators of being a toxic boss. If you are any or identify with most of these indicators then you are a seriously toxic boss. Are you toxic or not? What has been your experience like with toxic bosses? Kindly share with us in the comments below. I recall someone who ended up having to go for counselling therapy sessions due to torrid times they went through when they were once employed by a toxic boss. I know that most bosses in the Zimbabwean context are found wanting on this toxicity issue. Let us all strive to work on this so that we create optimum and healthy working environments.