Given the current state of affairs, it might be the best time to talk about these apps. You need not be limited in terms of what you want to do just because public gatherings are not allowed. There are several apps that you can choose from and circumvent not being allowed to physically meet. Even if we are to not talk about COVID-19, video or teleconferencing is something that any serious business must now leverage on. There are many benefits to be realized from using this means of communication. One of them is the marked decrease in associated costs. Just imagine the benefit of eliminating costs pertaining to travelling, food, accommodation, and so on.


This is one of the most popular voice over IP (VoIP) apps in the world. As many as 50 participants can be supported in a single meeting; duration is unlimited by the way. This means that this app can be effectively used for most of the small businesses out there. The other great thing about Skype is that you can actually record calls. There is also room for you to use the desktop app or the mobile app.


Zoom can support as many as 100 participants; duration is pegged at 40 minutes – free package. Breaking free of these limits is something you can enjoy if you upgrade your account. Zoom is versatile in that it allows quite a number of convenient features. Joining a meeting is easy whether you are using apps (desktop or mobile) or the web. You can also record sessions if you want and sharing of screens is possible. The use of this app has recently surged in light of COVID-19. I am not all surprised because the app is quite good, I have used it before and I highly recommend it. Supposing you do not like the background in your location you can use an artificial one – a feature built-in to the app.

Google Hangouts

This app can support as many as 10 participants – that is for video calling. There is also room for group chats supporting up to 100 participants. I was quite impressed the first time I used this app. It was during a session where I was doing online testing for a Cryptocurrency wallet for Stellar Lumens by a certain Germany company. It was a 30-minute long session but I was amazed at the smoothness of the video, the clarity of the audio and the little data that was consumed in the process. It integrates Google-based features such as email and calendars.


Webex (you will find written as CISCO Webex at times) can support participants up to 100 in number. Bear in mind that there is no time limit here too, as long as you want. When you have signed up for your free account you receive 1 gigabyte of free cloud storage space. It is possible to share screens, share files and even record sessions if you want. The app can allow one to join in during a session using a basic telephone – around 52 countries supported on this feature.

Facebook Messenger

Most of you are familiar with Facebook and Facebook Messenger in particular. I doubt if most of you have ever thought of video messaging using this app. It just might be the best video conferencing app given how many people are using it. This effectively does away with the need to download anything and the like. The number of participants is limited to 8. So this can be ideal for very small video or teleconferences.


By signing up for a free account you can conduct video calls allowing participants up to 25 in number. Those wanting to join the meeting can easily do so from any platform. All you have to do is to send them your meeting ID and once they press that link they are in. If you want to experience more you obviously have to pay. You can experience things like participants of up to 300 and more. The great thing about this app is that there are no time limits.

This is a web-based app so there is no need to download anything. If you using the free package up to 3 participants are allowed. There are paid-for options to choose from if you want to increase the number of participants. There are packages for as many as 50 participants or 250 participants. Some of the outstanding features of this web app are that it is simple and has convenient customization features.

There are more video or teleconferencing apps out there but I just thought to touch on these 7. I urge you to try them out and more importantly use them for your business operations. As I said at the beginning you can save on a lot of costs by using such innovations. Time is also saved as you will not have to travel to meet physically. The benefits are infinite.