The internet and social media are here to stay. It is more or less similar to when a wave is sweeping across the ocean and you are in its path. Choosing to ignore it or embracing will still have some effects on you. Both ways you have to react and not reacting is in itself a reaction. That is the same as the internet and social media. It is actually in your best interest to embrace those platforms for use in your business marketing. Already 90 per cent of businesses, globally, are using social media. You cannot ignore digital marketing if you are serious business.

There Is An Issue Though…

Most people into business, especially locally, are new to digital marketing. Most players just know the elementary details which do not produce far-reaching results. For instance, most businesses know that you should be on social media to market your products. The strategic how of it all is something most businesses are not well acquainted with. In light of this, a business must choose between self-managing or looking for a digital marketing expert. By digital marketing expert, I am referring to people like digital marketers, content marketers, social media influencers and the like. This brings to the fore an important question: how do you know whether or not a digital expert is the right one? To determine this there are questions that you can ask a prospective digital expert. That is what we are getting into now.

What Is Your Area Of Expertise?

This is a key question that should come first before anything else. Digital marketing approaches are so broad and diverse. In the same vein, the digital marketing needs of a business vary from business to business. For instance, someone’s area of expertise can be social media influencing. Your business might be looking to drive traffic to their website through written articles. Such an expert would not be ideal for your business’ digital marketing needs. So it is important to ascertain the area of expertise of the digital marketing expert first and foremost.

Do You Have An Appreciable Understanding Of My Industry?

The person you want to work with must have an understanding of the industry your business falls under. The creation, optimization and effective propagation of content requires an intimate knowledge of the industry in question. Someone can be a digital expert but if they are not abreast with the industry dynamics they will not produce sterling work. This is one of the first questions you can ask but I would recommend that it comes after the first one I discussed above. (In fact, I have deliberately ordered all the questions herein in an incremental order).

What Platforms Are You Well-Versed With?

You then ask about the platforms that they are well-versed with. It would be pointless for them to be well-versed with a platform that you are not using. For instance, someone is social media influencer on Instagram and yet your business wants an expert to optimize the website. The prospective expert must be able to work on the platform you are on. That way it will be easy to find out even further how they intend to roll out a strategy or approach tailored for your business.

What Is Their Working Strategy Or Approach?

Once everything has checked out on all the preceding questions you then ask how they will map out a solution for your needs. This helps you to evaluate whether or not their working strategy is what you would need. As a business person you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve but not sure how to achieve it. The digital marketing expert is the one who has to provide the solution. As they explain their working strategy you can tell whether or not it is going to address your business needs.

What Is Your Value Proposition?

Why must you hire them and not someone else? This is the crux of this question. What is it that they offer or maybe in terms of how they operate is unique and superior? I assume that you will be considering several prospects so that you make the ultimate choice. So this question helps you in making a final decision later on.

Do You Have Any Prior Completed Work?

Hypothetically, someone can come up with exceptional answers to all the questions from before. This is something someone can do even whilst they do not have any completed work from before. This is extremely important for you to make an informed evaluation. If there is no prior completed work, that can be a red flag. (There is an exception though especially for budding digital marketing experts. Anyone starts from somewhere and it is possible to hire someone with no prior completed work who has the capability. This is risky though but if it is probationary it can be worth a shot.) Overall, someone with proof of prior work is more preferable.

How Much Do You Charge?

Then, of course, you must be able to afford the person. You have to ask what they charge and open up a discussion for negotiation if you want to hire them.

These are 7 of some of the most important questions to ask a prospective digital marketing expert. The questions entail a lot and will spark even more questions. Make sure you comprehensively go through them so that you get the right person for the job.