2020 started on a much better note because we were still hearing of COVID-19 from distant lands. Little did we know that a couple of months later unprecedented lockdown measures would come into play in Zimbabwe. The year was largely characterised by lockdown restrictions which were firmly in place for roughly 6 or so months. As the year drew to a close it was as if things were easing up. This was even evidenced by how commonplace it had become to see people not wearing face masks and all. Little did most know that things would take a turn as we stepped into 2021. The latest developments:

Additional Lockdown Measures because of The Increasing Number Of Cases Of COVID-19 In Zimbabwe

“Fellow Zimbabweans we have seen a surge in COVID-19 cases during this festive season with 1342 COVID-19 cases and 29 deaths being recorded in a week representing the highest number recorded so far. We have seen the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths almost double in 2 months from 8374 on 1 November to 14084 to date. The cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in Zimbabwe as of 1 January 2021 is now 14084 cases and 369 deaths.

Given the surge in COVID-19 cases, the Government has intensified testing and patient care throughout all the provinces.

In light of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases the following stiff lockdown measures are being put in place with immediate effect;

  1. Gatherings are reduced to not more than 30 people at all funerals. All other gatherings at weddings, churches, bars, bottle stores, gymnasiums, restaurants, etc are banned for 30 days.
  2. The existing COVID-19 preventive health measures will be strictly enforced that is to say correct wearing of face masks, social distancing, hand sanitization, and temperature checks will be strictly enforced and offenders will be prosecuted.
  3. Only essential services are to remain open such as hospitals, pharmacies, and supermarkets, with only essential staff allowed to come to work. These services can only at 8 am and must close at 3 pm and will be subject to a curfew that will start at 6 pm and end at 6 am.
  4. Of the other commercial services, only Part 4 lockdown order services such as mining, manufacturing and agriculture will operate as before. Other commercial services specified on Part 5 of the lockdown order that is to say all formal businesses and registered informal traders are suspended from Tuesday 5 January 2021 for 30 days.
  5. Interprovincial and intercity transport services are restricted only to essential services and Part 4 commercial services.
  6. People must stay at home save for buying food and medicines or transporting sick relatives. Other exceptions are as specified in the lockdown order.
  7. As for schooling only examination classes are open now.
  8. Cross border traders are stopped forthwith save for commercial and transit cargo related to essential and critical services.
  9. Air transportation remains unhindered and will continue as before with arrivals and returning residents being required to present COVID-19 free certificates. As for land access only returning residents and essential service drivers will be admitted subject to presentation of COVID-19 free certificates. These certificates must have been issued at least 48 hours before departure.
  10. Just to be clear, restaurants, bottle stores and bars are closed for 30 days except for bars and restaurants serving hotel residents. Also, tourist facilities and national parks will operate as before subject to the usual health precautions.

Some Things To Talk About…

Lockdown Restrictions Elitist

There are some interesting we could talk about regarding lockdown restrictions. I have been seeing social media posts, I am sure you also have, of people expressing disappointment on how lockdown restrictions are elitist. For instance, one that has been doing the rounds reads as follows, “The lockdown is elitist and the poor will get poorer. Air travel – open, Hotels – open, Bulk cargo – open, mining – open, informal traders – closed”. This is actually a noteworthy remark because the lockdown restrictions do favour the rich elite and negatively affect the poor.

Misinformation And Deception

I will quote something someone posted on social media. It reads as follows, “It is not 15 265 active cases. It is not 85.1 million active cases. Maybe if the media starts reporting the few active cases and many recoveries you will all discover this is all a scam and these lockdowns are very much unnecessary.” This person went to say, “It has never been about the virus but about CONTROL.”

You probably remember a media report of how the Impala Car Rental CEO recently passed on due to COVID-19. Well, here is what a buddy of mine said, “…lost my brother in law Thompson Dondo, owner and CEO of Impala Car Rental. He passed on because of kidney failure not COVID-19 as was being said. He was actually going through a routine dialysis”.

Additionally, I saw a post by Donald Trump where he pointed out that the warped approach now being used in the medical field is, “When in doubt, it is COVID”. This means that the number of deaths and active cases could really be alarmingly inflated.

Comply With The Law Though…

There are several sticky things to be talked about, as you have seen from some of the issues just pointed out. Those are serious issues to be looked into because African governments, in particular, are just being told what to do without conducting their own independent researches. Anyways, you do well by complying with the lockdown restrictions – be law-abiding.

Over and about that, wear face masks, sanitize and maintain social distancing as prescribed by the law. Staying safe for your sake and that of others is noble to do. However, I feel it is important that people are let in on the real truth behind what is happening – something sinister is definitely at play. Ironically, African governments are under serious attack and yet they do not even see it.