Most of us love to watch movies but many tend to just watch them for the fun of it. Movies are a form of content which are both an art and a science. Many times I have emphasized that story-telling is the most powerful form of content especially nowadays. I have also underscored the potency of using video in creating content. These are insights borne out of empirical studies done on social media usage patterns globally. So, by implication, combining story-telling and video is definitely an engaging way of presenting content. That is what a movie is; a compelling story told using acting on video. Some stories are fictional yet some are based on real-life stores – either way, the goal is the same. Herein I shall be telling you about 7 movies that you must watch if you are an entrepreneur. It matters how you interpret and analyse things but these movies are great learning content for the entrepreneur.

The Flash Of Genius

The issue of protecting one’s ideas has always been a topical issue the world over. Locally we have also had instances where someone came out accusing someone or some business of stealing their ideas. I will not delve into the details regarding the protection of ideas and so on – I once wrote an article on that. If the topic of protecting business ideas is of interest to you, which it should if you are an entrepreneur, then this movie is for you. The story revolves around a guy who comes up with the concept of wipers for your car’s windshield. Car manufacturers adopt the concept but the inventor is not acknowledged. Then the guy has to fight legal battles to get the credit for inventing the concept. It is definitely a very interesting movie for entrepreneurs to watch especially those in the tech field but it appeals to every entrepreneur though.

Lord Of War

The movie does assume a narrative that is morally unacceptable i.e. it is about trading guns illegally. Nicolas Cage who plays an immigrant in the movie navigates his way as he pursues trading guns illegally. Remember at the beginning I mentioned that it matters how you interpret and analyse things. As you watch that movie picture yourself as Nicolas Cage in the movie; an entrepreneur. Any entrepreneur ought to be ambitious, hardworking and risk-averse (but at the same time not afraid to take risks). These are themes that are explored in this captivating movie. The movie also explores key business areas such as growing your brand, growing your loyal customer base and the art of negotiating business deals. This is one movie that is laden with numerous takeaways that you can apply to your own business – a lawful one, of course.

The Social Network

The story of Mark Zuckerberg’s rise from starting Facebook in his college dorm room to becoming a tech billionaire has always fascinated me. I have and most of you, probably have read about his story but I can assure you watching it on the screen will be even more inspiring. The movie narrates the story of how it all went including some of the details that are not usually included in written pieces. There are so many lessons to draw from this movie and I highly recommend it to you.


I love this movie perhaps because I am a writer and the story is about a writer who stumbles upon a life-changing discovery. Anyways, it is also the storyline and the action plus the fast-paced flow of events that keep you hooked when watching the movie. In short, this writer guy bumps into an old buddy of his who gives him a wonder pill that enables you to access your total brain capacity and ability i.e. all of it (remember it is said we only use only a tiny fraction of our brain’s ability). Later on, he stumbles upon a stash of the wonder pills in the old friend’s apartment one day when he visits him. Owing to the fact that the pills only worked for like 24 hours he started taking them daily. With his new secret, he begins to rise up the corporate ladder to become a top echelon in the financial sector. Things begin to go downhill when the pills run out. The central theme you can draw from this movie is how unwise it is to cut corners and get microwave solutions to problems in your pursuit to become successful.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

This movie is based on a real-life story and the main characters in this movie are Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith. The story is about a man who loses all his prized possessions i.e. his house, finances and even loses his wife. He then sets himself on course to re-write the story of his life. It is the kind of movie that grips your emotions; do not be surprised to find yourself shedding some tears. The story was compellingly told in this movie and Will Smith’s acting acumen was pristine. Falling down is not the problem but staying down is – you will draw this valuable lesson from this movie. Being focused, determined and passionate about your pursuits is also something you will notice in this movie. These are all important attributes every entrepreneur must-have.

I would also recommend that you watch The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Great Wall. The Wolf of Wall Street is of course riddled with some sexually inappropriate scenes but it explores the theme of attaining success and the pitfalls that can stem from that same success. The Great Wall is an action-packed movie premised on an era from medieval China. What fascinated me about the movie are the innovation, teamwork and systems of governance a particular kingdom was using to defend against and ultimately defeating a ruthless enemy.