It’s common knowledge that any undertaking is best done as a team however it’s not always the case in business. Some businesses can be effectively run solo. I would highlight though that it takes a certain scale of operation and target market to make this possible. Some businesses don’t require intricate operations that would require a team. At times someone’s expertise can be the sole thing that suffices for them to start operating a business. Then in some instances, the quest to minimize costs can be the persuasion behind running a business solo. Even when push comes to shove you can outsource some things whilst effectively running the business solo. So let’s discuss some businesses that you can start as a one-person show.

Software Development

This is a very broad field with diverse areas of specialization or expertise one can choose to focus on. One key area is web development which is now highly in-demand these days. The beauty of web development is that you can now use free or low-cost site builders such as WordPress or Wix and easily purchase domain names and web hosting services. This means you can easily develop a site from scratch to finish in the earliest time possible. The other focus area can be developing custom-written software depending on client needs and also programming languages that you have mastery in. Another area is the development of mobile apps which is now also steadily getting popular locally. So as you can see all these and other areas under this banner can be effectively run as a solo business. You hear people usually making fun of software developers as loners or antisocial individuals because they spend their time coding alone. It’ll all depend on your work ethic and time management skills to run the business smoothly because often time you’ll be having tight deadlines.

Freelance Services

Yet again another very broad cluster that connotes businesses based on unique skills or expertise that you possess. Take for instance that you’re a writer you can set up a business where you offer your writing skills to various types of clients. Photography is another example of a freelance service one can offer in the form of a business. I know of some interesting examples like being a professional snake catcher (for cases like when a snake invades a house). The idea is to be sure you wield skills or expertise that’s either exclusive or superior. A virtual assistance business is one type of freelance service(s) business one can offer as a one-man show. For instance, you diversify your portfolio to include your various areas of expertise e.g. writing, product review and tech support. Ideally, you can offer freelance services online, offline or both.

Repairs And Maintenances

I’ve always pointed out how virtually anything that we frequently use is bound to require repair or maintenance at some point. From gadgets to vehicles, implements, household items and so on; the list is infinite. Most of the practical, vocational or academic courses people pursue are along the lines of specialization. So, for instance, you’ll find an electrician, a plumber, a mechanic, just to mention a few. If you’re such a person it’s quite easy to start a business concerning your trade and this you can do solo. Services can span from installations, repairs, maintenance to support services.

Mass Transportation

If you’ve got a small passenger vehicle or a cargo truck you can easily make money through ferrying people or cargo. What you choose to focus on will largely depend on your type of vehicle and probably your location. I know many people who left full-time jobs to start operating their small vehicle as a taxis and preferring that because it brings in more money. In some parts of CBDs, you can find individuals with small lorries or trucks offering delivery services. So the domain of mass transportation carries many opportunities of businesses one can run solo.

Tutoring Services

If you’re academically or intellectually sound in a particular subject or subjects you can make money from that. I know of a mathematics teacher who offers tutoring services in the form of remedial classes, extra lessons or exam preparatory classes. He can have classes of up to 40 students at a go and as such can charge very affordable fees. He does all this after working hours and effectively tutors and runs the business solo. Therefore tutoring services can be an opportune avenue for many unemployed graduates who wield substantial teaching skills in particular in-demand subjects.


If you’re able to study your environment closely you’ll notice that some many goods or services sell fast or regularly. It can be vegetables, meats, basic commodities, clothes, just to mention a few. As just one individual you can start a lucrative business by just sourcing goods cheaply somewhere and reselling them in strategic markets. The list of things one can buy and resell is endless and anyone can do this type of business alone.

Beauty Services

Most people I know that do business offering beauty services ride solo. Be it a barber, a hairdresser, a makeup artist or a manicurist all these can be done solo. You can simply learn these trades and starting renting a working space in high-volume salons and make lots of money.

As much as one can start solo it’s possible a growing clientele can necessitate up-scaling and bringing onboard more people. However, for as long as you wish you can smoothly run any of these businesses solo. Don’t forget to leverage the internet and social media to enhance your business value proposition and productivity.