It is everyone’s dream to realize high-profit margins in the business. Sadly most entrepreneurs seek to achieve this through overpricing – this is an unethical practice. There is a better way of realizing high-profit margins though. You just have to start a business that is largely low-cost but with good price points. That way you get to achieve high-profit margins. Thus in this article, I shall be discussing some of the high-profit margin business ideas that you can consider.

Consultancy Services

If you have a tried and tested skillset, knowledge and experience you can start this type of business. The Oxford dictionary defines consultancy as a professional practise that gives expert advice within a particular field. If you are offering consultancy services you are basically doing that for a fee. Some of the examples of consultancy services are marketing consultancy, human resources consultancy, public relations consultancy, ICT consultancy, strategy consultancy, and social media consultancy, amongst others. In essence, you are charging people for what you know and can do that they do not and cannot.

Content Creation

This is a broad field that deals with so many approaches. We are dealing with things like blogging and vlogging. For instance, some people are full-time into creating content in the form of YouTube videos. Here I can also mention social media influencers. The overall thrust is creating content that helps build up huge followings that end being monetized through ads placements, endorsements and the like. Creation and propagation of content to create huge and highly engaged followings can be so low-cost if properly managed.


This is somewhat like the consultancy services I mentioned at the beginning. Ideally, you have a particular skill set or knowledge that is highly sought-after. This is common in the academic domain where teachers or former students can offer teaching services. Approaches can entail delivering the service online or in person. Approaches can also involve one-one-one scenarios or classroom scenarios. The operating costs are usually so low that high-profit margins can be consistently achieved.

Digital Marketing Services

This will be akin to starting a digital marketing agency. This rides off the trend where more and more businesses are realizing the indispensable importance of digital marketing. This is coupled with the fact that most of these businesses cannot do the technical processes involved e.g. search engine optimization, social media management, Google Adwords, and the like. Businesses are willing to pay for a professional to handle their digital marketing. The reason why high-profit margins can be achieved is that one can operate online (which means low operating expenses).


This is a business idea that I want you to seriously consider. People are generally hungry for relevant and engaging content. This is evident when you consider how people voraciously use the internet and social media. Never has there been a time where being an author can be so easy and lucrative. You just have to identify topical issues or topics that are sought after by people. For instance, personal financial management is a big deal for many people. You can research and come up with an e-book for that. If ever there is a significant expense that would be getting the graphic design done for you to make the e-book alluring. The other great thing is that you can sell an e-book for as low as US$1 or even less. This helps push volumes and coupled with low costs, high-profit margins become inevitable.

Affiliate Marketing And Dropshipping

I had to mention these two together because their operational dynamics are somewhat similar. With affiliate marketing, you get to advertise a business or someone else’s products on their behalf for a fee or commission. This can be done physically or more effectively online. Dropshipping involves a framework where someone pays you for a product they need and you, in turn, pay a supplier to get it to them. These two can be packaged into a business where you will make money from either advertising or selling someone else’s products on their behalf. This takes significant effort in using a website and social media platforms to land customers. Alternatively, you can do it physically or incorporate both online and offline approaches.

When you look at all these business ideas you will notice a recurring theme – online. It goes to show you that if you want to operate a low-cost business you must operate somehow online. The low costs will make it much easier to generate huge profits.