You could be starting in business or it is a startup. Your product line can just maybe comprise of one product. It could be that you have been operating for a while and you are about to unveil a new product. Product launches are not to be taken casually, a mistake many entrepreneurs or business people make. Product launches must be meticulously planned and rolled out for maximum impact. Remember that we are now living in a world of cutthroat competition. If you overlook certain variables your product launch might turn out to just be a waste of money. Here are some tips to help you roll out a successful product launch:

Plan Well Ahead Of Time

This is an age-old principle that applies to almost anything – plan ahead of time. Avoid the temptation of procrastinating till the last minute. Some people have a natural affinity to work last minute, under intense pressure. Though some tend to be most productive under such circumstances, I strongly advise against it. I would recommend that you start putting things together at least 3 months in advance. There are so many layers to put together a product launch. It requires ample time and if you allow the adequate time you get to be more flexible in light of incidentals.

Create The Much Needed Buzz Prior

Get this right – a product launch does not necessarily mean this will be the time anyone ever gets to hear about your product. You must start creating public awareness before the launch. Get some people to start using the product before you launch it. How this can be done varies given the context. For example, in some cases, you might only have a tight-knit pool of people to test the product out of the public eye. In some cases, you might get people in the public domain to use the product before launching it.

The latter is an approach that was recently adopted by InnBucks. They got customers to start using the product before the official launch. One of the most effective ways of creating this buzz is using social media influencers. Bear in mind that yes you can use mainstream media but social media is most effective. Especially when you get social media influencers on board, the results are enhanced. Creating the buzz also ends up providing you with much-needed feedback and reviews. As was the case with InnBucks they ended up noting areas they had to improve before the actual launch.

Another strategy is to use people on social media who post about the product. These can be customers who would have used the product or it can be people you specifically assign that role to. These are people who get to post about it as some insider information of sorts. They can compose their posts like ‘have you heard, ‘I have it on good record that…’, ‘something is coming…’ Such content creates suspense and gets people talking. The whole idea behind this is that you will be building up to the grand finale – the official product launch.

Think Outside The Box

You probably have seen many product launches in your lifetime. That can cause you to try to follow the common suit. Do not limit yourself that way but rather explore how creative you can be. There are things nowadays that can work wonders for you. For example, memes are a big deal these days, take advantage of that. Comedy content is one of the most consumed these days, take advantage of that. Come up with creative ways to get people’s attention. So many product launches are being done almost daily. What will make yours stand out?

Press Statement Still Matters

The press statement still matters in doing product launches. Ensure you get it out to as many publications or media outlets as possible. Ideally, you would want the press statement to be published on the day of launch. Though of course, it can end being published the day after or so. Overall what is key is getting it published on the day or soon as the launch has been done. Getting it out to as many platforms will generate public interest. Ensure your press statement is short but long enough to cover all the essentials. It would be strategic to get a half-page or full-page slot in publications such as newspapers or magazines. Include colourful and attractive visuals be in print or electronic media. Your press statement is immensely important!

Make The Launch Memorable

The launch in itself can generate so much buzz than all the prior efforts provided you make it memorable. You get to use your discretion on which is the most appropriate venue. In my experience, I have noticed that doing a product launch at one of the business premises is a smart move. Customers coming in will get to quickly notice that something is happening. Alternatively, you can choose any other convenient but somewhat public venue or setting so that it creates that buzz. Make sure the event is covered by the media and is streamed live. If the product launch can be on social media and mainstream media you would have nailed it. Have engaging activities on the day such as contests, giveaways, freebies, and the like. This will have the effect of carrying over the buzz beyond just the launch day.

Use these 5 tips for your product launches and you will enjoy great returns. A great product launch must kill several birds with just one stone. We need to see more unique product launches in Zimbabwe. When it comes to creative product launches we have barely scratched the surface in Zimbabwe.