Rabbits are a subject we have discussed a number of times. A rabbit farming venture wields good business prospects in Zimbabwe and beyond. In 2021, I covered a topic on the types of rabbits in Zimbabwe. In August 2022, we discussed about Botswana’s failure to meet rabbit meat demand. I highlighted that it was an export opportunity for Zimbabwean rabbit farmers. You can kindly check out that article to find out more information. The bottom line is that rabbit farming has become such a big thing in Zimbabwe. You should get involved! Rabbits have an exceptional reproductive rate. Their gestation lasts just 4 weeks and they can give birth as many as 9 times in a year. A rabbit can give birth to about 40 offspring in one year. Rabbit meat is highly considered given its rich taste and nutritional content. Today let us look at a recent development pertaining to rabbit farming in Zimbabwe.

Brief Overview Of Raymeg Consultants Private Limited (Raymeg)

Raymeg Consultants Private Limited has business interests in Strategic Communication, Agriculture, Retail, and Real Estate. They have hubs that are operating in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Kenya. They also have projects underway in the Horn of Africa region. Raymeg Consultants Private Limited is a corporate member of the Zimbabwe Commercial Rabbit Breeders Association (ZICORBA). ZICORBA was officially launched in July 2021. It is the only nationwide grouping of rabbit farmers in Zimbabwe

Raymeg Consultants Private Limited Opens A Supermarket And Distribution Hub For Rabbit Meat In Harare, Zimbabwe

Prior to this, Raymeg Consultants Private Limited recently opened a Rabbit Meat Grill and Chillspot in Harare. That is the first ever of its kind in Zimbabwe. Then now they have just opened this rabbit meat distribution facility. Again this is a first-ever in Zimbabwe. Bear in mind that Raymeg Consultants Private Limited owns the only rabbit abattoir in Zimbabwe. In fact, it is one of the biggest you will ever find in Africa. That abattoir has the capacity to handle 3 tonnes of rabbit meat in 8 hours. All these developments clearly show the increasing demand for rabbit meat in Zimbabwe.

Raymeg Consultants Private Limited Executive Director’s Remarks

Paidamoyo Nyamakanga says that “Opening of the multi-million dollar rabbit meat distribution centre in Harare is part of our promise to invest in the growth and development of the rabbit industry in Zimbabwe. The journey that we started about two years ago is now gathering momentum. Our quest is to ensure that we bring rabbit meat to every home in Zimbabwe”.

She also indicated that the distribution centre will be a rabbit meat distributor to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and eateries across Zimbabwe. Beyond that, it will also supply the export market. This rabbit meat would have been inspected and certified by professional veterinary experts. She also said that their passion is to improve the livelihoods of Zimbabweans through employment creation. Some of the supermarket chains that Raymeg has signed trade agreements with are:

  • Spar Zimbabwe
  • OK Zimbabwe
  • Choppies Zimbabwe
  • Pick ‘n Pay

Rabbit farming is highly recommendable in Zimbabwe if livestock farming interests you. With developments like the ones we just discussed you will not have to worry about finding markets. Rabbit farming fits almost any topic on profitable business ideas. Talk of fast-selling products, popular business ideas right now, and livestock farming, rabbit farming is a notable mention. Be sure to read to 7 common livestock farming mistakes to avoid. That article will help you to avoid possible pitfalls that many livestock farmers experience. All the best in your rabbit farming endeavours!