Several years ago Bill Gates once said something iconic, ‘Content is king”. Now more than ever before, this statement holds and will continue to be. Content has become such a huge part of our lives in this digital age. Most of you spend considerable amounts of time online every day. You get to browse the internet and be on various social media platforms. All that material that engages you on those platforms is what we refer to as content. Content is anything that is published in any form. It refers to both the information and how it is communicated. Let us talk about 5 online content business ideas you can pursue.


Copywriting entails the professional composition or production of headings, sub-headings body copies of ads, brochures, catalogues, direct email offers, product literature, and much more. You could just generalize it as writing though, of course, it comes in various forms. One of the common areas to mention here is blogging. This can be in two options either long-form or short form. That differentiation depends on the length of the content in question. For example, a blog article or post of 1000 words or less is considered short form.

So, you can start a business out of providing copywriting services in the aforementioned ways. The services you can offer can even branch out to speeches, company profiles, strategic or business plans, proposals, and the like. You can start a business entity in pursuance of all this that you can register. Alternatively, you can be a freelancer taking advantage of freelancing platforms that are out there.

YouTube Videos

You watch YouTube almost every time you get to be online, right? I, for one, do get to watch them a lot and it is mostly for edutainment. What many of you tend to forget often time is that there is money being made when you watch them. Those who are making YouTube videos are making money out of it. Some people have even quit their day jobs to exclusively focus on making YouTube videos.

The idea is to choose an engaging niche or subject area that you produce videos for. It can be a comedy, it can be music, it can be tutorials, and so on – the list is endless. I will soon write an article on how and how much you can make making and uploading YouTube videos. This is an online content business idea you can start; anyone can start it.

Voice Over Services

The demand for voice over services has been steadily rising over the years. This is mostly because voiceovers are needed in many areas. Be it audio, visual, or audio-visual content, voiceovers tend to be needed. Voice overs are needed in radio and television productions. Voice overs are also quite common in making ads. If you have the voice or have the skills or ability to be a voice artist you can make money out of it. The great thing about all this is that all it takes is your voice. Often time it will not even be your responsibility to come up with the script. I know someone who charges at least US$250 to do voiceovers. It is a worthy business venture which I think is still largely untapped in Zimbabwe – try it out this year.

Photography And Videography Services

Content creators, particularly for online content, need these services. It can be a blogger, vlogger, or podcaster; they in varying capacities need these services. You just need to invest in sourcing good quality equipment and getting some training. All this is possible in the short term and before you know it you can be making good money. I have usually noticed that people who venture into the field start small, maybe with just one camera for photography. They then scale over time as they gradually acquire more equipment.

This is a great business fit in that your services will not only be sought after by online content creators. There will be an infinite range of possible clients that will require your services. Another thing is that as much as you will be doing work for online content creators, nothing stops you from producing your online content. Thus as you can see there are so many ways to niche, pivot, and scale your business with time.

Graphic Design And Animation

This is also another field whose services are highly sought after these days. You can either create online content of your own or you can create online content for others (or help them in the process). Graphic design and animation do not require much capital to start. All it can take is having a good mobile smartphone, a PC (desktop or laptop), relevant software, and internet connectivity. Usually, the core aspect here is your skills and expertise in doing graphic design and animation. Through the use of YouTube videos, you can learn and become an expert. If this is an area you are interested in then make 2022 the year you take this to the next level.

The goal is to produce content that is fresh, comprehensible, relevant, and useful. Above that, it is important also to pay close attention to how and where you present it. There are tonnes of content published every single day so you cannot afford to be ordinary or mediocre. When you look at the business ideas we discussed you will notice something. The business ideas are broadly in two ways namely, producing online content or catering to those who produce online content.