Customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business. If you are not giving proper attention to that metric then forget about making it big in the business world. Doing business these days is cutthroat due to fierce competition – the thing that can distinguish you and make you stand out is delivering impeccable customer service. Since we are just a short while into 2020 so far I believe it is important as a business to relook at how you are faring on the customer service front. In Zimbabwe these days it has become commonplace for businesses to perform dismally regarding customer service. Thus in this article, I will discuss 5 skills you must cultivate in order to be an excellent customer service provider.


Let me just start off by defining what empathy is. Empathy is understanding and entering into another person’s feelings. In essence, this puts one at a position where they can see things from the next person’s perspective or experience. In business, you are principally endeavouring to meet and satisfy customer needs. You can only do that best by being empathic. Empathy is borne out of a place of being a keen listener – pay attention when your customers engage with you. In your interaction with them always ensure that you are so focused on meeting or satisfying their needs. This means you must candidly interrogate your attitude in interacting with customers. Seek to see things from their perspective so that you are better poised to deliver exactly what they need in a way that satisfies them.

Intimate Brand Knowledge

If you are a business you can either specialise in goods or services. You must comprehensively know everything pertaining to what you are selling. There are 3 important things that this will do for you. One, you will become better placed to diagnose problems and come up with consummate solutions to them. Two, you will be bold and confident enough in your interactions with customers – you will not be caught off-guard. Three, you will be able to easily make recommendations to customers and to also generally play an advisory role in their purchase decisions and more. Put conscious efforts into constantly acquiring more knowledge regarding your brand. Be abreast with all there is to know about the goods or services you offer.

Have A Multi-channel Communication Framework

These days there are so many channels through which customers can reach your business. Some of the key ones are websites, social media platforms, fixed or mobile phones, in person, and so on. As a business, it is important to virtually be on all available platforms – at least the common ones. One of the most used channels today is social media platforms. It is not enough to just be there but you must actively read and address all your customer messages. Normally customers expect to be responded to in 24 hours or less – preferably instantly or just after a short delay. Come up with an operational framework where you have enough manpower to constantly monitor all your communication channels in real-time. Another point, it is not necessarily about being on many platforms per se. Simply choose to be on platforms that are popular and on which you are certain you will be active.

Regard Staff And Customers Highly

Your customers are at the core of your business because they are the source of revenue. In light of that, you must treat them with the utmost respect and value. This will encourage them to make repeat purchases – making them loyal to your brand. Then you must also do the same for your staff – if you take them for granted they will treat customers as you treat them. There is always a ripple effect when it comes to how you treat your staff. They will normally project how you treat them to your customers. So the wise thing to do is to create a healthy balance in treating these two groupings of people with the highest possible regard.

Cultivate Wholesome Messaging

Usually in communicating something through writing it is encouraged to be clear and concise. So in every aspect of your business that involves communicating something to your customers always be clear and concise. Social media messages, emails, ads and so on – these are some of the messaging material where you must practise being clear and concise. This will help get your intended message through without any biases or room for misinterpretation.

These are the 5 simple skills to adopt to become exceptional in customer service. They might sound or seem simple but most businesses are found wanting on these elements. Make up your mind this year as a business to cultivate these 5 skills and you will see your business taking on a new shape and trajectory.