No business can exist without customers. Simply put, as a business owner you remain in business because you have a portion of the population you call your customers. However, some of them may be difficult to handle. Here is a brief list of the customer types you should expect when in business and how best you can handle them.

Impatient customers

These customers usually come to you with a sense of urgency and rarely want to be delayed. For one reason or another, it is not your duty to try and calm them down but all you should do is make sure that you try your level best to meet their needs. In the event that there are some technical delays, it is advisable that you keep them constantly updated on what is happening, telling them why they should expect to be delayed. These customer cannot handle the feeling that they are being ignored and as a business owner you should always keep them updated.

Aggressive customers

Somewhat similar to the impatient ones, these customers are easily frustrated so much so that they can lash out in spats of anger. It is important that you try and understand why they might be frustrated. This should be followed up by efforts in trying to cool them down and apologise if need be. Be sure to give solutions as this will go a long way in winning their hearts.

Indecisive customers

You will know you have met one by their constantly changing of choices within a short space of time. It will do you more good if you handle them with utmost patience, avoiding being pushy. Try to offer them the best advice substantiated by more facts than choices as this will help them in reaching at one concrete decision.

Silent customers

They usually sound vague and say less than what is necessary. Never think that these individuals do not know what they want, it’s a grave mistake you cannot afford to make. Try to ask them more questions to get what they want. This will help you to clearly understand what they might be failing to explain.

Talkative customers

These are easily identified by their loud mouths and high pitched voices. As a business owner never attempt to be in argument with them. You should ask them closed questions. Questions that require a simple yes or no will help you to understand exactly what they want. It is important to listen carefully to what they will be saying because they tend to say more than necessary.

Demanding customers

These can be equated to the talkative individuals in that they always have the nerve to make demands that usually turn out to be difficult to meet. When dealing with this type of customers you should be extra communicative. Make sure that you constantly reassure them on what it is you will be doing for them. Their very nature requires you to be willing to make compromises and be willing to go the extra mile.


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