Food, in addition to being an essential part of human existence, is also a very profitable industry. The fast-food industry, while very well catered for in the Zimbabwean context has space for new ideas to take root and grow. Let’s look at 5 hot fast food ideas that can be introduced in the Zimbabwean market.


Shawarma is already available and sold in Zimbabwe but there is yet to be a player who takes a position as a Shawarma standard. The wrap like packages come in many different configurations that can be explored but essentially the best shawarmas comprise meat, fresh vegetables and cheese. Shawarmas are adequate as a meal outright or can be combined with other offerings. The business does not require much and can be started from a food truck or small stall.

Soft cookies

Cookies are a beloved food item and not only among the young. Soft cookies are an excellent idea that can take root in the market and gain quite a following. These offer a great opportunity because they need not necessarily be made on site and can be pre-packaged for sale. Soft cookies come in many different flavours with options such as chocolate chips, oatmeal, nuts & raisins and more proving very popular. because the actual baking can be done off-site the basic requirement is a space to sell from which can be a food kiosk or they can even be offered on a delivery basis to customers.

Sandwiches and wraps

Sandwiches and wraps have found great audiences the world over with companies like Subway growing to an estimated 42000 stores in 100 countries in 2017. There’s a lot to offer on this regard as sandwiches vary from ingredients such as chicken breast or cold meat to meatballs and fried chicken. Similar to shawarmas sandwiches can be offered comprising of meat, cheese and fresh vegetables. You can use regular bread but the market may be more appreciative to gourmet bread, rolls or panini rolls. These options have grown accordingly with the growing trend towards healthier food options.


Speaking of healthy food options this is one that has some potential. Salads have grown from obscurity in fast food to be a recognized part of menus. With the right sort of set up, a salad bar can work very well as a fast food idea. With the varieties of meats, vegetables, cheeses and dressings available one can truly make some amazing combinations which the market would certainly be willing to buy. Salad bars generally offer a build-your-own salad concept in addition to set salad recipes. The idea is to provide fresh ingredients so one might have to invest in a cold bar to keep ingredients fresh. Other than that the rest of the business is easy to set up.


In keeping with the healthy food theme, smoothies are another product that can tap the market very well. The product has developed from simple banana and mango smoothies of many years ago to kale (rape) and all sorts of vegetables being added to smoothies. While some of the options are not for everyone this is a product that can be tweaked with seasonal fruit flavours to make great combinations. The most important equipment here are blenders and juicers, these may be a little pricey. Outside of that one needs to consider refrigeration for the other ingredients such as milk and yoghurt.

With a little business savvy, these ideas can be created as stand-alone businesses or as an extended offering to existing fast food businesses. Let us know which of these your are interested in finding out about in detail and look out for them and other ideas in our Business Ideas section.