I am a huge proponent of value addition in Zimbabwe. It is critically important if we are to unlock the fullest potential of our local industries. Food-wise there are infinite value addition opportunities in Zimbabwe. Almost any fruit or vegetable can be processed into something. One of such is beverages. Right now, we are in the summer, and it is a time of countless business opportunities. One of them, of course, is, again, beverages. Even when we look at the wholesale sector, beverages are an obvious inclusion. These 3 examples are meant to show you how expansive the beverage field is. That is why we are discussing beverage business ideas that Zimbabwe has room for today.

Smoothies And Juices From Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

The Zimbabwean food industry has experienced positive trends in demand for healthy foods. Increasing health consciousness (as is the case globally) is increasing the demand for healthy foods, e.g. fruits and vegetables. No wonder why healthy beverages are becoming increasingly popular in Zimbabwe as well. Yanaya is one Zimbabwean brand that has been growing this trend by making smoothies from indigenous fruits. Another Zimbabwean brand worth mentioning is Lofty Fresh Produce.

These brands are mainly active in Harare and not even the whole of it. We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the smoothies and juices industry in Zimbabwe. Another noteworthy mention here is Inzimbe – a Zimbabwean brand making freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. We still have more room for players to step in with interesting smoothies and juices businesses in Zimbabwe.

Coffee Shops Or Mobile Coffee Carts

It still makes me wonder that coffee shops are still few in Zimbabwe. They also seem to be mostly found in affluent areas such as high-end suburbs or shopping centres. I believe coffee shops should be widespread in Zimbabwe. After all, most Zimbabweans love coffee or tea daily. Probably interested players should tailor the business with respect to the various types of target markets. Supermarkets like OK or Pick n Pay actually sell coffee and related foodstuffs.

This all points to how lucrative this line of business can be. There are many people who, at times, crave coffee or tea, and there will be nowhere to get it. Personally, I would love, at times to go on a date at a coffee shop, but chances are there will not be any close by. I would advise you to look into this and consider this business. You can do a fixed brick-and-mortar shop, or you can do the mobile cart option. The advantage of this line of business is that it is scalable and diversifiable.

Concentrated Drinks

There are now countless types of concentrated drinks on the market. This is mainly because it is now relatively easier to start making them. Many people now offer training courses to make stuff like concentrated drinks and other processed foodstuffs. Concentrated drinks are still a hit and will always be a hit because they last longer. This is because they are unlike smoothies or freshly squeezed juices with shorter shelf life. There are several ways to differentiate yourself if you choose to start this business. Most existing players are not producing the best, e.g., their concentrated drinks deplete quite fast. This is because the so-called ‘concentrated’ aspect is so mild.

For some, it is the taste that is not that appreciable. Some concentrated juices have stuff collecting at the bottom like sediment. This is usually caused by poor processing, substandard ingredients, or disproportionate amounts. You can distinguish yourself by coming in to improve in all these aspects. That is why I am confident there is still vast room for more concentrated drinks business ideas in Zimbabwe.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is one of the high-margin beverage business ideas to consider. Profit margins of 200 or more percent are not surprising for the bottled water business. Bear in mind that bottled water comes in several types. There is spring water, mineral water, distilled water, flavoured water, and sparkling water. These are all possible niches you can settle for. Mineral water is the most common, which nowadays in Zimbabwe is affordable for most. As much as there are many brands these days, there is still room for more. Right now, it is summer, and the demand for bottled water is through the roof. Generally, the demand is always present due to water shortages and the fact that tap water is mostly not being properly purified in Zimbabwe.

Energy Drinks

There are people in Zimbabwe making lots of money simply from the retail of energy drinks. I know someone who recently started doing this business. They source their energy drinks from South Africa. Once they are here, street vendors constitute the lion’s share of his clientele. They are fast-moving, as seen by how often he orders new stock. If the demand for energy drinks is that high, surely there is potential there. I am referring to the kind of potential that makes it worthwhile to have energy drinks manufactured locally. We need to see this happening; the market is inexhaustible.

All in all, I believe these areas for beverage businesses in Zimbabwe can be highly profitable. Broadly, these are water, health drinks (i.e. smoothies, juices), coffees or teas, and energy drinks. Take a pick and see how far you can go; the prospects are exciting.