We are just a few days from the beginning of the year 2022. It is now time to reflect on how the year 2020 unfolded. How was the year for you? Which goals had you set for yourself this year? Did you manage to achieve all of them? If not, what caused you to not achieve your goals? These are some of the many questions you need to ask yourself right now. You must do so as you get ready to navigate yet another year. In this article I shall share with you 11 goals you can set yourself for 2022 – this is part one.

Social Life

You need to plan on how you are going to navigate your social life in 2022. Your social life revolves around family, relatives, friends, and colleagues, amongst others. You have no business interacting or spending time with just anyone or everyone. In 2022 you need to set goals that stipulate what you shall do regarding reviewing who is in your social circle. It is a huge domain which even extends to places you shall visit and lots more. Be deliberate about this important part of your life. Some of it will involve making plans about spending more time with certain people e.g. family.

Physical Health

So many people are oblivious of the crucial role of good health in success. What you do daily has huge bearings on your physical health. So many variables contribute to how your physical health turns out. However, you can deliberately positively contribute to it by working out. Make sure you plan and schedule regular workouts in the year 2022. It will start from basic things like taking walks, jogging, to even gyms visits, amongst other things.

Mental Health

No doubt this is one of the most topical areas these days. In 2022 take steps to cater for your mental health positively. Have regular meet-ups with trusted confidants or even professionals such as psychiatrists and counsellors. You can also cultivate regular times or days focused on having open conversations with loved ones, colleagues, and so on. Make it a goal to not harbour anything that can potentially comprise your health in 2022.

Acquiring Assets

Let 2022 be that year you acquire important assets. Real assets are attached to land ownership. This means you need to plan on acquiring a stand, or a house or buildings. That is just an example I gave but the important thing is to consider what an asset is. An asset is a resource that wields economic value which you can own with the expectation it will bring future benefits.

Business And Entrepreneurship

Maybe you already have a running business or startup. Maybe you are planning to start a business or startup. Whichever the case, 2022 is high time you take things to the next level. Set goals on which your key focuses will be about generating income and making a profit.

Acquiring Skills and Knowledge

There is no end to learning and it is even more central now given the rapidly evolving world we live in. I cannot stress enough how you should prioritize this in 2022. You can do this through mainstream academic institutions. Alternatively, you can do so through countless entities that can provide online learning tracks. Some of the areas I can recommend are product management, digital marketing, UI design, customer service, data analytics, content creation, and social media management, just to mention a few.

Spiritual Life

For people like myself who is Christian, this tops my list. Everything else about my life revolves around the state of my spiritual life. If you are a Christian like me, you need to plan on doing spiritual activities. These can be stuff like praying, fasting, studying the Word, and much more. Spirituality means different to every individual but the bottom line is that it is a core part of human life. Set goals on key things you will be doing in 2022.

Travel And Leisure

Often time people have a misconception about people who go on trips to resort places like Victoria Falls, Nyanga, and the like. For the most part, those people plan ahead of time and save up for those trips. Right now you can set a goal of spending a weekend in Victoria Falls in October next year. You can start saving up for that trip now and do it with less financial pressure. It does not even always have to be expensive trips alone. It can be to nearby places to where you live. The broad idea is that you must set goals around travelling and leisure in 2022.

Reading Culture

I spoke about acquiring skills and knowledge. Another layer to that is cultivating a reading culture. Set goals like for example, reading 2 books every month in 2022. You can even create a list of the books right now. Reading is a much needed essential in your life – be awakened to it more this coming year.

Career Path

It is also time to take stock of your career. Are you where you want to be or do you want to get somewhere? Do you want to change your career path? There are so many goals that can be set in the area of your career.

Philanthropy And Voluntarism

You can set goals on what you will do to positively impact or give back to society. Make deliberate decisions on what worthy causes you will involve yourself in. Did you know that most school children in rural areas struggle to pay just a few US dollars of schools per term? Some struggle to get stationery or uniforms. These are just some examples of stuff you can commit to doing in 2022.

These goals can depend on you and your context. What I did here was to help you or guide you in which areas you can focus on. Remember, it is enough to just set goals – without implementation or execution, it will be all for nothing. Make a commitment in 2022 that you will see to it that you execute your goals. Ultimately it is the doing part that makes all the difference. Setting goals is just the starting or planning point. All the best in your endeavours in the year 2022!