Programming languages are pivotal in several specialist areas in this digital age. In fact, behind every digital technology in existence, today is a programming language. A programming language is a code of reserved words and symbols used in computer programs, which give instructions to the computer on how to accomplish certain computing tasks. The first ever programming language I learnt was Microsoft Visual Basic when I was 15 years of age. It is not particularly easy to mention the total number of programming languages in existence. That is an interesting subject to discuss but the bottom line is there are many of them. As a guide, here are 10 programming languages you must learn if programming is your passion.


This is an example of a high-level programming language; the most popular in the world. It is also termed a general-purpose programming language. This means you can use it to develop almost anything. This is the prime programming language used to develop websites, software, and games, amongst others. It is also preferred in setting up automated functions, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and in data sciences. Python is also deemed one of the easiest (to master) programming languages. A beginner can start with Python and it will not be that difficult to grasp. You can learn Python online here.


This is yet another high-level programming language. Java is the 3rd most popular programming language in the world. It is also a general-purpose programming language. It is mostly used in the development of applications for PCs and mobile devices. It is also used in applications used in data centres. Gaming consoles also typically use applications developed using Java. This is also a programming language that a beginner can easily start with. You can learn Java online here.


JavaScript is popularly known as a scripting language for web pages. JavaScript, often abbreviated JS, is in the league of HTML and CSS. This is because almost any website you come across uses JavaScript in its makeup. This clearly shows JavaScript’s core use in developing interactive web-based apps; even browsers too. If you are passionate about web development, JavaScript should be one of your focuses. It is even easier to learn than the likes of Python and C++. You can learn JavaScript online here.


It is pronounced as C-sharp and is a general-purpose programming language as well. This is one of the top go-to’s for developing web applications and desktop applications. It is also commonly used in developing mobile apps and games. C# is well-suited for developing open source software as well. Just so you know, C# is kind of a variation of C and C++; it is almost similar to them since it is based on C. If you know and have used Java before you will also notice some familiarities. Java and C# have similarities concerning their syntaxes. You can learn C# online here.


C++ is probably the most flexible general-purpose programming language out there. This is because it is not just limited to object-oriented programming alone. With it, you can also do functional and procedural programming, amongst others. C++ is not particularly easy to learn; for example, its syntax is somewhat complex. Regardless, C++ is way more powerful dynamic, and faster than even Python. Browsers, games, and operating systems, amongst others, can be developed using C++. Learning C++ first will form a solid foundation that will make other programming languages a walk in the park. You can learn C++ online here.

The other 5 programming languages you should learn I will just briefly touch on.

They are Swift, which you can learn online here. Swift is programming you can use to develop apps for Apple platforms e.g. iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. There is Kotlin, which you can learn online here. Kotlin is used by at least 6 out of every 10 Android developers. Those familiar with iOS, Python, and Java with find Kotlin easier. You have Ruby; you can learn Ruby online here. Ruby is a high-level programming language. Some of its core uses are DevOps, data processing, and automation.

Then there is Scala which you can learn online here. Scala is a high-level programming language with which you can do functional and object-oriented programming. Web development and data processing are some of their uses. The other one is PHP; you can learn PHP online here. PHP is a general-purpose, open-source scripting language. It is mainly used in developing dynamic web pages that are tied to databases. What makes PHP powerful is that it can be used on any platform e.g. Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

The thrust is to ensure you learn at least one of the first 5, for starters. If you do that you make yourself a valuable asset in the field of coders. There are top coding jobs you can get from mastering at least one of these programming languages. Some of them are Cyber Security Engineer, Data Scientist, Backend Developer, Games Developer, and Systems Engineer. These are jobs that can make you earn between US$80 000 and US$100 000 per year if you get employed in first-world economies. The great thing is you can work such jobs wholly online. Those areas of specialization also have the advantage of you becoming a freelancer. Take advantage of online learning platforms and opportunities to become an asset as a coder.