Online learning has been on the rise in Zimbabwe, especially over the past 2 years. We continue to see a spike in blended (physical and online) learning and exclusive online learning as well. Blended learning is a good transit point to exclusive online learning. There has been appreciable progress made in the uptake of online learning in Zimbabwe. We of course still have a long way to go. Online learning is opening up convenient opportunities where you can learn from anywhere, anytime. In the past 2 years, I have pursued several certified online programs, wholly online. It is also refreshing to see Zimbabwean startups that are coming in to boost online learning. That is why I recently reached out to Omni-Learning and we had the following chat:

Who Is Omni Learning?

A Social Impact Company that focuses on helping everyone succeed through facilitating skills transfer, innovation, and training in a manner that increases accessibility, is affordable, flexible to meet one’s unique training needs, and is convenient to one’s schedule. This we achieve through delivering high-quality and interactive e-learning platforms that enhance the learning experience and make it more fun, result-based, and self-paced, learning management systems that help institutions teach and manage schools online, and organizations upskill their employees. Our physical Centre provides additional support and alternative routes to success through skilling people regardless of their educational background.

When And How Did Omni Learning Start?

Omni-learning was first built to solve common limitations and challenges to skills and education access in terms of the accessibility and affordability faced during the Covid-19 era. It was during this period, we took heed of the government’s call for e-learning solutions. Our team set out to build the most stable, fast, secure, and interactive learning environment that would ensure success for its users.  At first, we aimed to deliver curriculum-based courses only but as we grew, we enhanced our impact to include skills courses for all, building Africa’s First Market Place for courses. To achieve this, we opened up our platform to content creators (individuals and institutions) from all walks of life to join the platform for free and deliver well-structured learning content, taking advantage of our powerful teaching tools and support system.

Kindly Detail The Services Omni Learning Offers

Our Services cut across age groups, backgrounds, and industries. Through an open market e-learning platform, we ensure:


  • Individual tutors reach a wider audience and impact the lives of many.


  • Schools offer continuous learning through a customized and readily available platform.


  • Businesses train their employees from all over through a through-organized, self-paced, and analytical platform that is fully branded and easy to set up.


  • Our LearningCenter is offering skills development courses for all age groups. (We are taking some skills that seemingly were out of reach to some groups, making them accessible to them, for example,  providing alternative routes for school dropouts (due to different circumstances) to get an alternative route to follow their career paths and dreams!)


  • We also offer training and events space along with co-working space at the centre.


The goal is to develop positive mindsets and social change driven by innovative minds supported and resourced by our company. Our centre will soon be launching a series of impact-driven solutions that will transform a lot of people’s lives, empower the girl child and set her on a path to success.

What And How Big Is Your Reach And Target Market?

Our marketing reach is potentially anyone in the world with access to the internet. Africa is our priority target market and then the rest of the world via our digital platform. As well as marginalized groups like school dropouts, due to any reason, whom we help find an alternative route to success or achieve their goals.

Give An Overview Of The Team Behind The Omni Learning Brand

We host a uniquely talented and passionate family of highly and diversely talented youths driven by the need to impact lives and deliver true value. The Omni-Learning family is gifted with talented Developers, Marketing, Research and Development (R&D), Design and Training Teams, and Liberty K Huchu, an Information Technology (IT) enthusiast, self-taught programmer, and entrepreneur.

Currently, What Challenges Are You Facing?

Any innovative solution will face the common start-up challenges, critical of this being rate of customer adoption (which can sometimes be slow and booms afterwards, this is mainly due to customers gaining trust in your solutions) and the need for more money to accelerate growth. These, however, have not been setbacks as with proper marketing, and value delivery we have managed to build a community of customers that strongly believe in the value we are building and we are thus accelerating and enhancing the impact of our offers.

How Best Can People Help Push The Omni-Learning Brand Forward

The best support is visiting our e-learning solution, trying it out, following us on all social media platforms, and keeping a lookout for our amazing self-paced solutions for all. As well as, inviting others to like and follow our creative, innovative, and impact-driven organization.

Are You Open To Business Or Investment Partnerships?

Yes, we are very much open to partnerships to help enhance or accelerate the business impact. These partnerships can be a business interested in one or all of our unique and perfectly curated solutions or one interested in funding or conducting a joint training or educational program with us or via our e-learning solution. As for investments, yes we are looking for the best investors that fit into our offering and have belief in the impact our solution is making, and are interested in accelerating the impact. Those that are interested should feel free to contact us and further discussions will be held after that.

I highly recommend that you check out the Omni Learning platform. You can also engage with them via Facebook or +263718118555. You can email using are also on Instagram (@OmnilearningInc) and LinkedIn (@Omni Learning). Alternatively, you can visit their offices at 68 Union Avenue, Corner 1st and Kwame, Chiedza House, 3rd Floor.