There are millions of Zimbabweans in the diaspora. Most of them have family, business and corporate interests back here. It would no doubt be convenient for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to be able to bank back home from outside the country. In case you needed this but were not sure which Zimbabwean banks provide diaspora banking services this article is for you. I will highlight local banks that have diaspora banking services that diasporans can use.

Steward Bank

Steward Bank has 4 dedicated accounts for diasporans. These are Diaspora FCA Current Account, Diaspora FCA Savings Account, Diaspora FCA Student Account, and Diaspora FCA Lite Account. The Diaspora FCA Current Account alternatively can be a Diaspora ZWL Current Account. Benefits such as mortgages, loans, and credit cards can be enjoyed from the current accounts. In comparison to what other banks offer Steward bank offers a more comprehensive package. Kindly go to their website to learn more.


FBC offers the convenience of being in the diaspora and still managing to handle your affairs back home. This is made possible through their FBC Virtual Account. The account can be accessed online at any time. The service even goes beyond just the general savings and transactions activities. You can also get a mortgage loan to buy properties. You can also get insurance to cover your priced assets back home. To learn more kindly visit their website.

First Capital

First Capital Bank offers a banking solution for clients living abroad. Despite where you are based in the world you can continue to bank here in Zimbabwe as if you never actually left. To learn more there is a form you can fill out on their website. Once you do a customer service representative will contact you.

NBS (National Building Society)

With NBS you can open and manage an account with NBS Diaspora. They also have Diaspora Mortgages and Remittances. You can buy a house using an NBS Diaspora Mortgage Loan. To open an account you have to download and complete relevant forms from their website. There a few requirements needed namely, a valid copy of a passport notarized, reference letter was written from one’s banker in the country of origin, proof of residence in the country of residence, proof of income (i.e. payslip or bank statement), and one recent passport size photo. For more comprehensive details, go onto the NBS website.


The bank offers diaspora banking services to Zimbabweans in the diaspora. The products offered under diaspora banking services are bank accounts, mortgages, remittances, and investments. You can access their website for more information.


Ecobank offers a Diaspora Current Account. It combines the account in your home country with the account where you work. This service comes with several support structures namely, a dedicated relationship manager, an exclusive diaspora card, internet banking, international transfers, e-statements, SMS and e-alerts. This service can be accessed by diasporans in 33 countries. You can access your account any time and billing is quite easy. For further information kindly go to their website.

My focus in this article was mainly banks that offer Diaspora current account services. There are of course other banks in Zimbabwe that offer services diasporans might find useful. For example, NMB, CABS, and POSB offer mortgages services for diasporans. We also have CBZ that offers home insurance services to diasporans. As a Zimbabwean in the diaspora would you prefer to use such banking services or you would prefer to send money back home using service providers such as Mukuru, Western Union, World Remit and the like? Kindly let us know in the comments below and qualify your answers.