Thanks to increased social media usage, brand ambassadorship has been on the rise in Zimbabwe. I am also glad to see that brand ambassadors are no longer just confined to top tier public figures. Literally, anyone now can become a brand ambassador – of course, artists tend to be more likely to be signed up as brand ambassadors. Interestingly, it is also apparent that popular comedians are finding it easy to become brand ambassadors. It is quite evident when you look at the several brand ambassador deals that Nigel The Slick Pastor and The Comic Pastor have. It is also noteworthy how personalities like Madam Boss now have several such deals to their name. In this article, I look at some of the things you need to know about being a brand ambassador.

What Is A Brand Ambassador?

This is someone who is assigned the responsibility of being the voice and or face of a brand. The generic definition speaks of being an accredited representative from one to another. The crux is to use that person’s social influence to draw people to the brand. It all plays into the psychological attachment people tend to have to someone they follow. Take an athlete or an artist for instance. People can so love such personalities that they mindlessly follow what they do or say. Thus, the people who follow the personality are most likely wired to act on any call to action or recommendation that person makes.

What Are The Duties Of A Brand Ambassador?

This greatly varies from brand to brand but there are universal ones. Given the digital age, we are living in one of the core duties is to create content. This can be in form of strategic social media posts. In Zimbabwe, you are most probably familiar with comedy skits that some of the brand ambassadors put out. For some, it can be doing live streams where they do product demos. It can also entail being featured in an ad. The type of content and how it is propagated can be solely dictated by the brand or the brand ambassador can have the leeway to dictate that. The other usual duty is attending strategic networking events that push the visibility of that brand. It is also commonplace for a brand ambassador to be expected to conduct outreach programs that directly or indirectly push the brand. These are just some of them but duties vary depending on the brand.

How Much Do Brand Ambassadors Get?

This is not an easy question to answer because the amounts and payment terms vary greatly. For instance, some global surveys say that a brand ambassador can cash in an average of at least US$30000 per year. That is for just one brand; which means the more ambassadorships, the more the income. That average pertains to those who get a monthly salary. However, some are paid hourly, and some are paid a once-off payment. For some, the payment can be per post made mentioning the brand. For some, the payment can be based on the rate of engagement and subsequent conversions brought about by the content put out. The amount a brand ambassador gets also has to do with the extent of their influence. I recall it was once revealed that Kim Kardashian usually charges between US$300 000 and US$500 000 to make just one Instagram post. In fact, she said so herself; but it is hardly surprising when you look at her Instagram following. She has over 216 million followers on Instagram – so influence does have a huge bearing on what a brand ambassador gets. In Zimbabwe how many brand ambassadors actually get seems to be a closely guarded secret.

Sought After Qualities Of A Brand Ambassador

Social influence (especially an active, ever-growing online presence) is definitely non-negotiable; after all, that is the central thrust of why a brand ambassador is needed in the first place. It should go beyond that and be about someone who engages with their audience. However, it is not in itself the overriding quality because it does not only take social influence to be the best fit. The person’s values, personality, and what they believe in and stand for should perfectly align with the values of the brand in question. A brand ambassador should be articulate and exhibit good leadership acumen. This is imperative because speaking engagements tend to get into the mix.

Someone who is passionate and especially passionate about the brand and what it stands for is major quality. They must also have considerable knowledge of the dynamics of marketing especially digital marketing. Authenticity or credibility is also seriously looked at when scouting for brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador needs to be someone who is adored and respected by the general public. Having a sour personality and having a controversial past or publicity is a big no. They should be tech-savvy and well-versed in current affairs; they should be knowledgeable on key matters of the day.

Brand ambassadorship is still an evolving field in Zimbabwe. When you compare Zimbabwe to other developed nations there are still huge discrepancies. Sports and entertainment personalities tend to be some of the most sought after brand ambassadorships in other countries. In Zimbabwe, it seems only a select few seem to be targeted by companies or businesses. I believe it is an interesting area of study to figure out the dynamics of brand ambassadorships in Zimbabwe. I also feel that most brand ambassadors might either be getting too little or even too much for their roles as brand ambassadors. Kindly share your thoughts and contributions in the comments below.