Music is one of the most universally followed topics in the world. We all have an appreciation for music. For most of us it forms an integral part of our daily routines. Then of course for others it is a source of livelihood, a career. We now live in a time where recording and pushing music is much easier. One can simply record a song, upload it on virtual streaming sites and start earning. This also means there is more competition for attention. Here are some ways you can explore to promote your music in Zimbabwe:

Online Streaming Platforms

There is a number of already existing online streaming platforms you can use to promote your music. Some of the popular platforms are Apple Music and Spotify, amongst others. A local example you can consider using is Gateway Stream Music. I highly recommend it. It is wise to upload your music on as many platforms as you can. Do not forget about YouTube. It has become such a huge tool for musicians to promote their music and earn from it. Open a YouTube account and start uploading your music. Cast your net upon many online streaming platforms. You get to earn and increase your exposure all at once.

Website And Social Media Accounts

This still remains one of the most relevant ways to promote anything online. Having a website makes it easy to be discovered online. It does even need to be a sophisticated one. Just a simple one-pager can suffice. You can also use that website to facilitate music sales. That website becomes a portal where anyone can come to get the latest on you and your music. You can use it to do your content marketing.

If you are a musician in any form or fashion it is a must to have a website! For around US$200 or more you can have a basic website set up for you. Your website works best hand in hand with social media accounts. In Zimbabwe Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are best for promoting music. I have noticed TikTok is now a hit in Zimbabwe so be there as well. Redirect traffic back and forth between your website and social media accounts.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

It is interesting how some musicians may not know there is such a thing. Yet it is important that every musician have one. I can best define an EPK as online portfolio or resume. That is why it can be strategic to have your EPK available through your website. An EPK comprises of things such as your personal profile, music catalogue, contact details, and the like. Think of how one uses a company profile when approaching investors, prospective partners, or any stakeholders. That is more or less the role an EPK plays. For getting gigs, for media appearances, for music collaborations, and the like, you need it. There are skilled people who can develop an EPK for you. If you are and your music is to be taken seriously, you must have an EPK.

Influencer Marketing

Promoting your music can thrive on influencer marketing. In Zimbabwe you know quite well how influencer marketing is now a thing. You just need to approach notable influencers for working arrangements where they push your music. For instance, if it is a skit maker they can feature your music in their skits. Personally I have discovered many songs after hearing them on skits. Nowadays getting influencers to just include your music as the background of a social media reel, works wonders. At times it can simply be mentions of say, your latest song release by a popular figure. You can also partner with big brands or businesses as an influencer. Their huge reach will help push your name and music. As you can see it works both ways.

Email Marketing

I have always underscored the important of email marketing. The very same website is an easy opportunity to request people to provide their email addresses. You can also explore other means. Check out the article: 4 strategies to guarantee people read your emails in email marketing. Did you know that the return on investment on email marketing is higher than social media marketing? The open rate and click through rates in email marketing are higher. That is why you should seriously consider email marketing in promoting your music. People generally value emails much more so ride on that.

Podcasting And Blogging

We are in an era where podcasting is trending globally. In Zimbabwe it is still early days but it is fast becoming a trend. Podcasts can be an effective strategy to push your music. At the very least you can be featured as a guest on other podcasts. You could also have your music promoted on other podcasts. You could even start your own podcast. The podcast may not necessarily have to do with your music. You could anchor topical issues that will draw people in. The overall idea is to lure people to an engaging platform where you can expose them to your music. Podcasting can be highly effective at achieving that. Alternatively you can pursue the blogging route; it also works. You can even have both.

The fastest way to promote your music in Zimbabwe these days, like the rest of the world, is online. That is why most of what we discussed entails being online. You can explore other offline strategies to buttress your online efforts. One common example is showcasing your music at musical or entertainment events. If possible and capable you can even organize shows where you are the main performer. Seeking to collaborate with or feature other musicians also helps promote your music. There are infinite creative ways to push your music. Think beyond the box!