Let me start by briefly explaining what these two companies are all about. VAYA Africa is a company whose mandate is to transport people and goods (conveniently, affordably, reliably and safely) from one point to another across Africa and unlock adjacent revenue-generating opportunities within the transportation sector. They focus on developing, deploying and scaling transportation as a service digital marketplace platform working together with strategic partners. Technology inclusion and digital transformation of the logistics and mobility industry in Africa is a great opportunity which they aim to embrace as they create sustainable value their customers and partners. VAYA Africa offers mobility as a service and logistics as a service solution across the African continent aimed at driving the economic and social growth with a passion for creating employment opportunities. Thumela eKhaya is a South African-based online platform that allows you to securely pay for groceries from South Africa for delivery in Zimbabwe.

On-Demand Groceries Delivery Services

The two companies have entered a strategic partnership where they shall be facilitating the transportation of groceries purchased in the diaspora into Zimbabwe. This will essentially enable the many Zimbabweans in the diaspora to easily send groceries to their loved ones here in Zimbabwe. This is a huge development and a very smart business venture especially given that there are over 3 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora. This is also coupled with the fact that sending groceries from the diaspora is mostly expensive – this is something I have heard many diasporans lamenting on. The use of middlemen such as buses and trucks is very costly for the most part. All this has even been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic which has restricted movement and transportation. Thus this business partnership has come in at an opportune time because many diasporans require that.

Remarks By Thumela eKhaya CEO

The CEO of Thumela eKhaya, Mr Peterson Tengende had this to say, “Our brand name literally speaks to the common phenomenon of sending things home, in this case groceries. We have done our best to source quality goods from South Africa as well as local Zimbabwe favourites, which will definitely make up a basket with much needed variety for families back home. Gone are the days of losing goods to unregistered runners where one will not have any recourse if something goes wrong. The business is committed to total customer satisfaction. All goods transiting from Johannesburg to Zimbabwe have full Goods in Transit insurance and in the rare event that goods are not delivered, damaged or there is partial order delivery, Thumela eKhaya will replace or offer a refund.”

Remarks By Vaya Technologies CEO

The CEO of Vaya Technologies, Mr Maurice Newa had this to say, “Our mandate is to continuously look for ways in which we can offer services that solve problems and create convenience for Zimbabweans, and for African communities at large. VAYA is looking at expanding the partnership to destination countries like Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique.”

How It Will All Work

As I stated earlier, Thumela eKhaya is an online platform. There are two ways in which you can access their platform i.e. through the mobile app or the web app. Once you go onto the platform you will notice there is a catalogue of various grocery items. You then choose the ones you want to buy and you can pay for them using Visa or MasterCards – something that many diasporans will not have issues with. Diasporans in South Africa have even more options because they can pay using cash deposits or vouchers through grocery outlets there. Upon payment, the transportation of the grocery items is then commenced. VAYA becomes instrumental in the final transportation of the groceries directly to recipients’ physical addresses here in Zimbabwe. Deliveries will take anything from at least 1 day to at most 3 days.

Innovations like these are always welcome because they bring about convenience for the transacting public. The crucial element is always on the delivery aspect – that is the core and that is where the true efficacy of the innovation will be tested. If deliveries are going to be meticulously and timeously done then VAYA and Thumela eKhaya are in for some lucrative venture.