We thought when we said goodbye to lockdown we were done with it. I’m sure some will swear they knew it was not over but we none the less had no reason to anticipate it happening again. Until it did. Now that we’re there again there is no use crying over spilt milk. One business idea or area that has proven to do well under lockdown is teaching. And why not? People find themself with lots of time on their hands. Access to the Internet or at least online instant messaging and the desire to stay in motion of some sort motivate people to learn new things and that’s where you come in.

If you have one of these skills and are proficient enough to teach it you can make yourself some good money in a state of lockdown. None of the things requires you to have any sort of qualification or licencing to teach. The only tool I would say you really need is practical experience. Teaching is really about your ability to close the gap between the student and the subject matter and that comes with the ability to relate and convey the subject matter. Experience makes this possible. So let’s look at these great teaching ideas.


Crafts vary widely from art, small home decor to things like knitting and crocheting. This is very easy to teach online via instant messaging platforms. You have the complete arsenal of text, audio, images and video at your disposal. You can pre-record lessons and conduct group or one on one classes. This is very much a niche business and you should consider catering to specific demographic than going wide.


Lockdown and the pandemic have taught us important financial lessons and with them come to new energy in people to learn more about investing and personal finances. The important thing is you will teach people how to access tools and platforms and a few things to look out for. This does not require a licence of any sort.


I’m sure you’ve come across memes that reinforced the idea that with lockdown comes a lot of eating. For those who are fortunate enough to be in this position, there is another issue that is seldom addressed but can make you a lot of money. People don’t just want to eat, they want to eat well and this is not always possible in the home environment. If you don’t have the skills. There is an opportunity for those who have the skills to teach them to others.

Computer skills

If there are still Luddites out there who were in denial about the importance of computer-related skills lockdown should have silenced their inner voice completely. They and the vast majority of people who have realised the need for computer skills make a good target for you with your skills. Remember what I said earlier bridging the gap between the student and the subject matter? This is where it counts big. Computer applications come with instructions, you have to take it a step further.


We all know at least one person who has thought about writing their memoirs since they managed to live through 2020. Or perhaps someone who just thinks, well I can write a book in lockdown. There’s a great opportunity to teach people writing if you are so blessed with the skills and experience to do so.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most sought after skills given the way the combination of technology and the pandemic are changing the business landscape as we know it. Speaking as someone who has taught social media management to people who have gone on to make decent money from it there is a great opportunity to make money of teaching people this important skill. As always experience is the key.

Digital marketing

And if Social Media Management can be taught then digital marketing should surely be taught too. The difference between the two is that social media marketing is only a part of digital marketing. Those with sufficient skill in the area can teach others this high demand skill.


I have to tread with caution when speaking about teaching cryptocurrency because there are a lot of scams that have occurred with cryptocurrency. That said the reason why I feel crypto is a good teaching subject is because of its complexity. I have seen entire so-called gurus fail to explain what crypto is let alone how it works and how to manage it. Yet it surely proving to be an alternative for people. Those who understand dealing in crypto can teach and find a willing audience. Crypto is of course separate from investing because you wouldn’t invest in a currency like the US Dollar or Zimbabwean dollar so why invest in cryptocurrency?