Some industries or sector are so important to economies that they find their way regardless of the situation. Financial services are one such sector as banks recently posted impressive profits for the 2018 financial year while the rest of the economy, in fact, country screams in agony. But that’s how Finance is set up, to make money on the upswing and the downturn. In spite of the situation, there are opportunities that can be pursued in this sector that can be very profitable.


The severity of the economic situation makes insurance a necessity. Consider the roaring success of burial plans (a form of insurance). Insurance brokerage would be ideal as would other unorthodox forms of insurance such as hospital cash plans. There’s a largely untapped market and approaching them in the right way a lucrative niche can be opened up. Over the years worldwide the insurance sector has found great benefit in offering specific insurance such as accidental death, income protection and travel insurance.


Microfinance broadly represents short term financing ideas for businesses. Here I’ll specifically mention ideas such as debt factoring or invoice factoring. In essence, the Factor buys invoices or debts from a business at a discount and then collects the receivable amount. Making their profit off the difference the discounted value and the invoice value. There are many different configurations to this setup but due diligence would be required to ensure that the invoice being purchased is likely to pay.

Order finance

With a lot of small budding entrepreneurial enterprises opening up, there are great opportunities. Not just for the businesses but to provide for their needs. One such way is to order financing. In the case where a business secures an order that is beyond the working capital they readily have available order finance provides the capital for that order. Payback comes from the proceeds of that order.


With the introduction of the interbank foreign exchange market through February’s midterm monetary policy statement, the return of Bureau de Change tithe market was a welcome development. While the policy may have kinks that need to be addressed the opportunity is well worth taking up if you have patient capital.


Financial technology or fin tech is a huge growth area as the world gradually moves towards electronic and mobile commerce. Our cash crisis may have spurred us to use electronic payments systems but in all honesty, we were nowhere near ready to go cashless. Our payments system, with all due respect and gratitude to those who make payments available, is hopelessly inadequate. This is a major opportunity for those who are so inclined. This is why startup Payitup managed to attract financing.


Things are tough, there’s just no other way to say it. It’s very difficult for people to make ends meet and there’s an opportunity in that. Microloans are just what many in dire straights need. Microloans are small amounts for specific purposes. Because of their small size, they are easy to pay back. These are easy to arrange and can be secured with small items.


Yes, it is a business opportunity if you play it right. It’s interesting to see that in South Africa banks and retailers have opened up to stokvels by providing them with special accounts. This simplified the administration of the specific group. A grocery stokvel will have an account with the retailer or wholesaler and the members will simply pay their contributions into the account, no extra admin necessary. It’s a very popular way of doing things so why not find ways of including them?

Investment brokerage

While disposable incomes are ravaged by inflation some out there still have them. The Zimbabwean conundrum is complex because there is still a huge problem to deal with in terms of where to invest the little disposable income you have. Investment brokerage connects those with disposable income with those who need it. YouFarm is a great example of this. You do not need to get overly involved in the business.

Finance is a heavily regulated sector, with good reason. For all the ideas mentioned above, it is important to check with relevant regulation to understand the rights and responsibilities of businesses operating in those areas. You can find Acts and statutes at Veritas.