Tollgate fees were reviewed upwards by the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA). This was detailed in a statutory instrument (SI) 162 of 2020 as follows:

It is hereby notified that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, in terms of section 6 of the Toll Roads Act [Chapter 13:13], has made the following regulations:— 1. These regulations may be cited as the Toll Roads (National Road Network) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (No. 10). 2. The Fourth Schedule to the Toll Roads (Regional Trunk Road Network) Regulations, 2009, published in Statutory Instrument 39 of 2009, is repealed and substituted by the following:





Motor CyclesExempted
Light Motor Vehicles45.00
Heavy Vehicles115.00
Haulage Trucks225.00


  1. Section 4c (3)(a) of the Toll Roads (National Road Network)(Amendment) Regulations, 2015, is amended by the deletion of paragraph (a) and substituted by the following paragraph— “(a) residents living in areas within a 10km radius from a tollgate situated in their jurisdiction shall be required to pay toll fees as detailed below:





Daily Toll Fee (without discount) (ZWL$)50
Monthly Toll Fee (Return journey without discount) (ZWL$)3000
Discounted Fee (%)91.6%
Discounted Fee (ZWL$)250
Discount Given On Fee (%)8.3%

The New Toll Gate Fee Structure

Light motor vehicles are now required to pay ZWL$45 (up from ZWL$10). Minibuses will now pay ZWL$70 (up from ZWL$15) whilst buses will pay ZWL$90 (ZWL$20). Heavy motor vehicles and haulage trucks will now pay ZWL$115 (up from ZWL$25) and ZWL$225 (up from ZWL$50) respectively. As usual, motorcycles will remain exempt from paying toll gate fees.

Modalities Regarding Drivers Living Close To Toll Gates

People who reside within a 10-kilometre vicinity of a toll gate now have 2 options. One, they can pay ZWL$50 daily. Two, they pay ZWL$3000 for the entire month at once which will give them the pleasure of passing through that tollgate whenever they want. They will not be required to pay any additional fees.

Vehicle License Fees By Mass

The new vehicle license fees by mass are as follows. Take note that these license fees cover 4 months. Up to 1500 kilograms will cost ZWL$750. Vehicles with masses from 1501 kilograms to 2250 kilograms cost ZWL$950. Masses of 2251 kilograms to 3000 kilograms require a ZWL$1125 fee. ZWL$2250 is for vehicles weighing 3001 kilograms to 3750 kilograms. For 3751 kilograms to 4250 kilograms the fee is ZWL$2800. ZWL$3375 is for vehicles weighing from 4251 kilograms to 5000 kilograms.

5001 to 5750 kilograms it is ZWL$3750 and 5751 kilograms to 6250 kilograms it is ZWL$3950. ZWL$7000 is for vehicles weighing from 6251 kilograms to 7000 kilograms. 7001 kilograms to 7750 kilograms it is ZWL$4875. For 7751 kilograms to 9250 kilograms the license fee is ZWL$5250. The license fee for 9251 kilograms to 10000 kilograms is ZWL$5625. 10001 kilograms to 10750 kilograms costs ZWL$7500 and 10751 kilograms to 11250 kilograms costs ZWL$11250.

Other Fees To Take Note Of

Personalized PlatesUS$1200
First Time Vehicle RegistrationUS$80
First Time Motor Cycle RegistrationUS$70
First Time Trailer RegistrationUS$70
Change Of Motor Vehicle Ownership (Retaining Plates)ZWL$150
Change Of Motor Vehicle Ownership (Buying New Plates)ZWL$850
Change Of Motor Cycle Or Trailer Ownership (Retaining Plates)ZWL$150
Replacement Cost For Lost PSV Motor Vehicle Number PlateZWL$600
Replacement Cost For Lost PSV Motor Cycle Or Trailer Number PlateZWL$550
Duplicate Third PlateZWL$175
Garage PlateZWL$475
Garage LicenseZWL$3000
Temporary Identity CardsZWL$300
Abnormal Load PlateZWL$475

That is it, a detailed look at the latest when it comes to toll gate and vehicle license fees.