There’s not a business out there that can claim to not want to improve their sales. Improve may not mean the same thing to everybody. Some may want to improve the profitability (invoice size), others the sales volume and others still the frequency. Whatever it looks like to you, you want more effective sales. Below are 7 practical tips to help you achieve more effective sales.

Point of view

When selling, via any channel, it’s important to establish the point of view you will approach from. It is a mistake to automatically assume that because you have a new technology, better value for money or improved performance that is automatically what customers want to hear. It is equally folly to assume all customers when to hear the same thing. Establish what matters to the market segment and play along those lines.


Finding the right context is the next challenge if you want more effective sales. See we don’t want the latest technology because it’s the latest technology, customers want to know what it does for them. How does it change the way they do things? What does it improve? At what cost? It is important to understand the customer’s context. This is not just knowing the situation but also their feelings about the situation.

Focus on the status quo

Your next step is to impress upon the prospect that their status quo needs to change. This doesn’t mean becoming chicken little and screaming the sky is falling. This is usually where we separate the wheat from the chaff in sales. Help the prospect understand how your solution is the solution they are looking for in the situation.

Align content with the sales process (and people)

Content marketing is a large part of marketing in the modern area. There is no getting away from it. You need to produce content that lines up with your sales processes. Create content that helps your sales along, whether it’s standalone or you have a sales force. It is one of the biggest for a prospect to get one impression from your content and another from your salespeople and staff.


Some have described the social media age as the attention economy. The biggest companies in the world today are doing so based on having your attention in one way or the other. To make your sales effective you will need to be mindful of attention. Firstly, make sure that your efforts grab peoples attention. Secondly and perhaps more importantly manage the attention wisely. You only have it for soo long. If you have a 30-second video make the 30 seconds worth it for prospects. A 3-5 minute blog should give people value within those 3-5 minutes.


Storytelling is important because stories connect with more parts of the human mind than stating a bunch of facts, true as they may be. This is not encouragement to go and make comedy skits or tell fictional stories. There are many types of storytelling you can explore and they make for good sales practice. Stories allow people to see your business or product in 3 dimensions.

Ditch the pitch, have conversations

Selling today is more involving than ever. What I mean by this is you have more opportunities and channels through which to sell to prospects. You also have the biggest advantage of social media which is two-way interaction with the public in a way that was not possible before. Learn to have conversations with prospects and with social media in mind remember people can see how you talk to others and this will influence their decision to do business with you.