It’s quite auspicious for anyone alive today to be living in this age of technological advancements. This tech revolution is heavily driven by the emergence of more and more innovative software. I’ve often told people that software is an infinite entity which isn’t limited as hardware is; hardware developments tend to be stalled by laws of nature. Anyone looking to make it big in business or any endeavour nowadays can’t negate the pivotal role of software. However, the consummation of good software is wrought by there being good software developers. Generally, Zimbabwe suffers a serious shortage of good software developers. That is why in this article I shall discuss some pointers on things to consider in your pursuit of finding a good software developer.

Have A Comprehensive Understanding Of Your Idea

When you set out to look for a software developer it’s because there is a certain area that you want to computerize as it were. How you’ll conduct your search will be informed by what you want to ultimately achieve. Therefore it’s important that you have a comprehensive understanding of the idea you want to bring to life. Not only that – you should be able to succinctly explain it in a clear & comprehensive manner. Whenever you approach any software developer their first question will be on what exactly you want to achieve. This helps the developer to make an accurate & informed decision on whether or not they wield the expertise required for the task.

What’s Their Area Of Expertise

The world of software development is highly segmented; it’s not possible to find someone who can do it all. There are various fields namely, mobile apps, web-based apps, desktop apps, embedded software, etc. Then are various software programming languages namely Python, MS Visual Basic, C++, Java etc. Thus, in your search you must consider the software developer’s area of expertise. If the work you want done doesn’t correlate to the developer’s area of expertise that might result in delays or a poorly done product in the end.

Proven Track Record

In most cases involving hiring of human capital, many consider experience as a very crucial component. Particularly, for software development, past successful projects and substantial references from prior engagements serve as a litmus test. It’s relatively easier to assess one’s capabilities if they can point you to past software projects they have done. Software development is a rapidly changing environment which can be difficult to navigate on your first go. Therefore past traceable indicators of capability are something extremely important to look at.

Maintenance & Support Framework

If a software developer is able to adequately guarantee and provide a maintenance & support framework that’s usually a good indicator. This is something that has to be deliberated in the early stages; a software developer must be able to provide that framework. Software is highly volatile, is susceptible to bugs or malfunctions & is a rapidly evolving entity. If a software developer cannot provide maintenance & support from the point of commissioning the software that will greatly inconvenience you; so ascertain that beforehand.

Psychometric Testing

This involves subjecting a potential developer to tests that measure their mental & behavioural acuity. Why is this important? I’m a software developer and I can tell you with good authority that developing software is intellectually challenging. It requires one to be highly diagnostic, analytical & creative under usually demanding timelines. The other aspect is the behavioural conduct of a developer, how well do they handle pressure & taking instructions. Before settling for a software developer you should come up with a way of evaluating those aspects that I have just highlighted.


Software Development Service Providers

There is a moderate number of service providers in this regard that you can approach locally. Some of them are:

Shiri Shanu (

They develop custom-written software, web-based apps & mobile apps. They can be contacted on +263 86 4426 6448 or +263 77 481 0481.

Codel Systems (

They develop mobile apps, web-based apps & they do web analytics. They can be contacted on +263 77 429 6433.

Online Job Listings

There are several online job listing platforms that you can use to scout for good software developers. Platforms like CVPeopleAfrica ( are an example.

The other platform that can lead you to very good and qualified software developers is LinkedIn. There are many software developer profiles there.

Basically, you can post adverts on reputable online platforms that focus on human capital. Software developers are primarily tech savvy people and as such you’ll most likely find them online.

Business Hubs

There are quite a number of tech-based business hubs in Zimbabwe. By approaching them you can be easily linked to software developers with proven track records. Some of them are:

Muzinda Hub (

They specialize in training & supporting IT professionals, software developers being a major demographic of that.


TechVillage (

This is a much diversified platform that is comprised of many communities one of which is called DevShop. DevShop is made up of coders bent on solving world problems.

Academic Institutions

You can actually get very capable software developers by looking at reputable local institutions that offer computer-related academic programs. One such institution is HIT (Harare Institute of Technology); it churns out very good software engineers.

As I alluded to earlier the nation still has a serious shortage of software developers; it’s important that you take close consideration of all that I discussed in this article. This also should serve as a clarion call for more people to take up software development as a career choice. Going forward the need for software will continue to exponentially grow. In computer systems there is something called GIGO (garbage in garbage out), meaning that a software application if not properly coded won’t structure input data into any meaningful output. Thus, when it comes to choosing a software developer don’t take it lightly.