Marketing is a pivotal component to the success of any business. In my hundreds of articles, I have repeatedly underscored its importance. Nowadays, as most of you are aware, are characterised by digital marketing the most. So, it is now the norm that almost all businesses have to compose marketing messages for digital platforms. These will be messages tailored for audiences on the internet or social media. Due to the complex and diverse nature of people it is important to understand their universal touchpoints. You must know the right things to say to trigger them to act accordingly. In this article I shall touch on 9 powerful words or phrases to use in your marketing messages.


The focal attention of a business is obviously the customer – it ought to be like that. When you are marketing your goods or services that must be apparent. One of the ways to do that is to use “you” a lot. This will make the customers or prospective customers see how they are the subject of the formula. This will make them feel important and valuable. It is usually a temptation for some businesses to focus more on themselves as opposed to the customers. Always make it about the customer and that is why “you” must be a common feature of your marketing messages.


It is a universal truth that anyone easily gets hooked by an opportunity to get something free or for free. Freebies are the easiest way to lure anyone. This is not something you should use or do in an unethically deceptive way. Here is what I mean, some people can say, “register or sign up and get a free gift” – that is an example. Then you will realize along the way that you will be asked to part with something monetary before getting the freebie. That is not a good approach; rather, be ethical and do not mislead people when using that word.


The rationale component is always there in all human endeavours. When anyone is told or encouraged to do something they want to know why. People do not just want to do things blindly. That is why it is very easy for people to shun or attack things they do not understand. It might not even be the case that the thing in question is bad. It could simply be because the customer or prospective customers do not get why they should do it or why it is important. A marketing message cannot be complete without the “because” factor. Show or explain why your target needs your goods or services.


People are naturally wired to be risk-averse. That is why many people do not even want to take risks or do anything risky. The possibility of losing out or failing, in the end, is what holds people back. This very dynamic is at play when it comes to consumer behaviour. Customers want to feel secure in their interaction with your business. Using the term “risk-free” works both ways. It gives an assurance to the customer and it also primes your business to ensure you deliver to that end.


Life is already demanding and difficult for many people as it is. No one would want to be involved in something that will be hard or difficult in any way. So incorporating this word will be more alluring for customers because they want things done easily. If as a business you cannot offer your goods or services in an easy way then you might lose out. Due to the intense competition in the business space, people will just resort to other alternatives.


People always want to be let in on a secret to do or achieve something. It is no wonder why there are so many YouTube videos with the word “secret” in their titles. In most cases, it is click-bait because the stuff in those videos will actually be common knowledge. My point is that people are always drawn to exclusive tips, tricks or knowledge that is/are not known by many. Particularly if your business wields goods or services that offer or come with interesting secrets then this word will draw people.


Earlier I spoke of risk-aversion; it is the same concept also with this word. It creates a sense of urgency that causes people to act fast. All this will be informed by the desire to not lose out. Just a simple “limited stock available” will drive people to take action immediately.

Don’t Miss

This is also somewhat related to the precious word we just discussed. The choice of one over the other might be informed by the context or circumstances in question. Overall, the approach is more or less the same in that you want to tell people that if they do not act they will miss out.


Whenever a customer does business with you they somehow want a quick payoff. People are generally impatient and want instant gratification or instant results. That is why you find that instant foods or wellness products are hit products amongst many people. The moment people see this word they are lured because they are most likely in search of quick payoffs.

With these 9 simple terms you can redefine your marketing messages in remarkable ways. When composing your marketing messages be deliberate and be strategic. It is not just about telling people about the goods or services you offer alone. More importantly, what and how you say all that is paramount.