Things are tough in Zimbabwe. Employment opportunities and even when they are presented they tend to be extremely underwhelming. The term underemployment is used to describe a situation where a person is employed but the conditions of the employment such as pay or working hours are below a standard that would be defined as being full employment. So you will often find that both the employed and the unemployed in Zimbabwe are looking for business opportunities as a way to self-employment.


Not all business opportunities equal self-employment. Otherwise, this would be a very long list. Robert Kiyosaki through his cash flow quadrant gives us a great distinction between the two. A self-employed person owns their job, they still work for every cent they make. A business owner on the other hand creates a system of processes that can run autonomously. So we are looking for business opportunities that involve employing your skills. Again this would still be a very long list so we will further filter it by looking at those ideas that require little to no investment, capitalise on existing skills and do not need too much to get set up. So we can call these the best self-employment business opportunities based on those parameters.


Freelancing simply involves taking skills you have and offering them to people on an ad hoc basis. For example, a freelance graphic designer produces graphics for clients as and when they are required getting paid per item. The graphic needs to have some talent and/or training to pull this off.

Soap/toiletries/detergents production

I like these business ideas because there is a lot of space in the market. One little trick or reimagination of a product can make your product a hit. They also have low barriers to entry, at least for a start and have a potentially unlimited market once you’ve gotten through your teething pains.


The word crafts are really wide but what I mean here are simply art based products. This could be as simple as beaded jewellery or something more complex like paintings and sculptures. It’s pretty interesting because you get to have a lot of fun creating though many tend to feel drained when they need to create to the tastes of others.

Food delivery

You can read a full rundown of this idea in the article on the food delivery business idea as well as look at who exists in the market. There’s a good opportunity here because this market is still very much underserved. The key here is mastering the logistics while making the ordering seamless. You could also just become a delivery partner.

Clothing alteration

One of the more hilarious results of the shift towards online shopping is what people are getting. Beyond the plethora of “what I ordered versus what I got” social media posts, there’s a great business idea hiding behind this challenge. Clothing alteration can help where the clothes received have size problems, whether too big or too small. These are ready-made and highly motivated customers and if you have skills behind a sewing machine you could make a good name for yourself.

Business services

With a lot of people starting businesses around you it’s a really good time to offer business services. There are many choices here and you can start a business in accounting, marketing, public relations, buying and many more. Leveraging on the skills you may have obtained through experience or education could easily create a viable self-employment business opportunity.

Ecommerce provider

As much as Zimbabwean businesses have made strides in providing their products online there are still many that are simply not available online. That’s an opportunity if you have a good knowledge of how online systems around eCommerce work. You just have to be smart about it. You can look at eCommerce providers like Koki Delivery to smooth the process of setting up an eCommerce store.

Lite manufacturing

There’s one every group that always breaks the mould a little. Lite manufacturing isn’t entirely a low capital investment pursuit. It makes the list because it is fairly easy to operate as a self-employed business. Read this article on lite machine manufacturing business ideas to see some of the options that are available to you.


Teaching what you know is a lucrative business idea. Whether you are blessed with skill, experience, knowledge or a gift you will find that a lot of people would want to learn from you. Those people are more often than not willing to pay to learn from you.

These are some of the best self-employment business opportunities in Zimbabwe right now. It all depends on skills and experience how accessible these opportunities are to you.