The spread of the Coronavirus, COVID-19 still continues and lately it has been unfolding locally. For a while now it has just been a few suspected cases here but recently news came out that there were about 2 or 3 confirmed cases. This was followed by the death of Zororo Makamba who actually succumbed to COVID-19. This development has made it dawn on people that this is a real thing and it is happening. People have been somewhat trivializing this pandemic but the passing on of Zororo Makamba has been a rude awakening. In light of what is currently happening, TelOne has decided to introduce a discount on one of its packages.

Discounted Home Intense Package

TelOne has different packages for its internet services and one of them is the Home Intense Package. In a bid to try and lessen or address the COVID-19 pandemic TelOne has resolved to discount this package. This discount will be available for groups of 10 or more people who buy the bundle at once. The rationale behind this move is to encourage remote working and e-learning. This will effectively promote a scenario where people do not move around a lot. Here is what TelOne actually said:

The world has been hit by the COVID-19 outbreak and we, as TelOne, understand the adverse economic impact it has brought. To help you contain and reduce your risk of being infected, we are offering a 10 per cent discount on our Home Intense Unlimited bundle to schools providing e-learning and organizations wishing to have their staff work from home.

The Business World Needs To Chip In More

In times like these, remote working and e-learning are definitely key alternatives to the normal flow. In other countries, there has always been a significant extent of these two aspects. Locally it is a different story due to many reasons some of which are poor internet infrastructure, the high cost of data and several other factors. This is why transitioning to remote working and e-learning becomes a stretch or even non-applicable for most businesses and institutions. So why am I saying that businesses need to chip in more? I am basing this on what has been happening in other countries.

In affected countries, the move to keep employees at home thus making it easy to shut down certain places has been easy because some businesses have bailed out other businesses. For instance, there are business persons that have committed to pay workers, say from a certain company or business whilst they are at home. Another example is AT&T, an internet company in the USA, decided to remove caps on data just so people can have uninterrupted and cheaper access to internet services. So basically what TelOne has done is something that other big business players should emulate and follow suit.

A Time Of Crisis, A Time Of Opportunities As Well

Due to this TelOne news, I have been drawn to really talk about the online world. This is a domain that has been laden with opportunities that have largely gone untapped. However, this time might be a turning point for those who are enterprising enough to note opportunities. I have talked about online businesses a lot and now is the time to start seriously exploring them. This is because as we progress forward people staying at home might become an increasing trend. Thus there will be a whole market waiting to be tapped into. After all, people are now online way more than before due to the quest to stay abreast with the latest developments. All this is spells business opportunities. The most beautiful thing about this all is that online or cashless transactions are now widely accepted locally so selling online should be easy. I will not even go into the surging need for essential goods and services in light of the pandemic – infinite opportunities.

If you have never been a fan of things online now might be inevitable to avoid these. One other thing is that this pandemic has come to pass, just like any other pandemic that has been on this earth throughout history. Why am I saying this? Once things start to or go back to normal and the pandemic is contained there will also be a stream of business opportunities that will emerge. My advice to you is to stay focused and alert and not let opportunities pass you by. Overall, stay safe and ensure you take all the necessary precautions to prevent contracting or the spread of this virus.