“Fear of trying shows a certain poverty of ambition for it is only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential”– Barack Obama. Markets are relentlessly in a state of flux and uncertainty and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected so it is important to understand that unrestrained competition can drive people into actions they will otherwise regret. A startup trade’s challenge is to generate a grand merchandise and match it with the suitable market as this is the foundation of a good business. Creating a market successfully is not a walk in the park but once managed is a huge stepping stone.

Inform and obtain clients 

Explain the value and justify the cost – People don’t mind paying; they just don’t like to overpay.”- Chris Murray

In essence, without an alternative already on the marketplace, it’s your duty to alert patrons on the significance and placement of your merchandise. No organization is geared up for a merchandise that crosses numerous classes. This is a equilibrium you have to steer and enlighten to customers the exact attributes of your products , despite the fact that you can also lean on customers’ feedback to understand the market’s exact needs. It is of great significance that the customer understands your merchandise fully in terms of value and functionality if they are to buy from you and then have to make the product you envisioned, which carries a fresh set of challenges.

Build a Unique Sales Team

We all desperately need brilliant sales professionals far more than ever before – to help us, guide us, keep us informed and stop us from making diabolically stupid buying decisions.”- Chris Murray

Sales people who think that it’s all about cost aren’t required as products can also be sold on the internet but salespeople should be able to bring significance that wasn’t there before they arrived. We all require salespeople who aid customers with the equivalent passion shown by a pre-school child recounting the greatest Christmas present ever. A sales person must be proficient and gifted to prove to the market the worth of your goods if you are to do well in creating a fresh market.

Create New Channels to Find Your Customer

“22% of current business-to-business salespeople will be replaced by search engines within the next five years.” – Chris Murray

New challenges arise in trying to answer the question of where to sell. Selling online is one of the ways. You can also chose to sell through an already established retailer which has grown a large customer base already which saves you a lot of work and allows you to benefit from some of the retailer’s customers who see your products amidst their day to day business

Customer need-driven markets work better than vendor-driven markets.

“Remember: when you walk into a DIY store to buy a drill, you don’t want the drill. Your end goal is to make a hole and, in order to achieve this, you have to buy the drill.”- Chris Murray

Consumers resolve to buy what they desire, not what you assume they want. An online fast food delivery service by Chicken Slice in Zimbabwe seemed like a good idea but customers weren’t paying attention. So in order to successfully create a new market you should be able to present goods and services that are in sync with the exact needs of your customers.  Sometimes what the customer needs is seasonal for example in winter jerseys and track suits are more profitable than sleeveless vests.

Take the two lower risk paths to a new market

Develop a new product for a known market or take a known product into a new market.  In the current financial turmoil in Zimbabwe it is risky to be experimental as a failed endeavor  can knock you down for good due to a lot of instabilities. For example, if you are to sell phones to a remote area in Chirumanzu, it is safer to sell smartphones  valued at a maximum of $100 than to go with stock comprising of I-phone 7s , Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung S7s ranging close to a US$1500,00. These customers do not understand the value of an expensive smart phone so you are much safer with lower cost products with basic functions.

Find the Right Production Partner

Every producer has a field where they are the best and you should make it  your pledge to deal with only the best manufacturers  at a given task. Product quality is not left to chance and should never be compromised as this is what helps you captivate and keep loyal customers who are even faithful to the extent of referring others to your business.

Create an Investor Base

Sponsors, banks, institutions all have expertise and are not willing to fund businesses or projects that have no future value or are void of potential to become great businesses. It is therefore important to have a clear plan and direction which outlines in detail how your business will thrive independent of a lot of uncertainties that influence market forces.

Personal Involvement

One means to steer clear of drawbacks is to make available ways for consumers to become individually involved in the merchandise, making them active associates in structuring the market and allowing you to trim down risk. Involving customers in defining their own understanding is  common among many companies who generate and rule markets. If clients can effortlessly become accustomed to products according to individual needs that the merchant never well thought-out, even when the dealer uses a sophisticated technology, the customers make the merchandise further meaningful to themselves.

Using Credibility

Most markets must be based on authentic and realistic ideas to be a magnet for possible customers. There are many ways to add trustworthiness to your new market effort. Viral promotion conserves funds because it requires little expenditure, replicates itself with no sweat by the sponsor, and works without individual involvement. Viral marketing crafts a situation where the produce is so eye-catching that not merely do people fancy to own it but crave for others others to have it. A further technique to add integrity to your new market endeavor is to select the correct customers, chiefly the initial customers as they will be your benchmark.